Jabari Parker to Announce December 20

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Jabari Parker to Announce December 20

Glad that a high profile recruit is ending this early instead of dragging it out. Rumblings are that he is a Duke lock but I wouldn't rule out MSU and Florida.

Whomever he chooses will however only get to celebrate for a day tho...the world is ending the next day lol.

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I hope its Florida.. Him,

I hope its Florida.. Him, Kasey Hill and Chris Walker would be great. Floride is also in the running for Dakari Johnson. Would be a Fab 4

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Im probably in the minority

Im probably in the minority but I would have loved to see him choose BYU

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As a UK fan..

As a UK fan I'm rooting for not Duke.
(I'm secretly rooting for Florida because I love seeing the SEC pick up their basketball play, and I'll love to see UK play Florida next year with nearly to the top 80% of the recruits in the top 10 on the floor.)

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I hope its Duke

Parker will be a STUD at Duke.

PG: Cook
SG: Suliamon
SF: Hood
PF: Parker
C: Marshall

That starting lineup looks nice on paper, but 3 new starters, it will take a few games to jell.
Cook and Suliamon will be the best starting backcourt in the nation next season.

PG: Thornton
SG: Jones, maybe Dawkins
SF: Murphy, Semi
PF: Jefferson
PF/C: Hairston

2, maybe 3 seniors off the bench. Jefferson and Semi are going to provide a lot of versitlity and depth.

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So would I McDunkin. Him and

So would I McDunkin. Him and Tyler Haws(20ppg scorer) would kill it together.

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They could have an impressive team.

In addition to Haws, BYU has a couple of other decent recruits coming next year. Eric Mika, ranked around 72ish overall (and top 10 for the C position) by yahoo/espn/scouts/etc, is one I think will be very good. He'll be the new 5-man and looks like he'll be a great player. He will likely be higher in the rankings by season's end considering his ranking is basically a carry-over from his sophomore year (he had to sit out his junior year for changing high schools). He's been killing it as a senior, leading his undefeated team to a few big wins, including vs. one team that was ranked in the top-10 nationally.

Although I think Duke is the favorite to land Jabari, I'd rate BYU as the second most likely destination. Some people may be overlooking the power of his faith connection.

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I'd put my money on Duke.

I'd put my money on Duke. Especially since NBA fathers love Duke. They see big picture and see the benefits that Duke provides on and off the court that not many other programs can.

Btw even though most analysts are calling Duke, Daniel Ponemon and Cliff Alexander (stud Chicago 2014 Big man) are calling MSU.

I'd be really surprised if he picks someone other than Duke or MSU.

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Florida vs. UK

I hope Parker and Johnson go to Florida and Wiggins and Randle go to UK. The Wiggins vs. Parker super teams facing off twice in a year would be amazing.

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BYU would be a great fit for Jabari , there isn;t really a school like BYU and the fact Jabari is LDS and that is important to him could be a big factor. BYU's supporting class being as highly ranked as it is increases BYU's chances. Earlier on in the process I would have MSU as the favorite and Duke second . I don't see Florida or Stanford being in the running. Just MO. I'm hoping it is BYU . It will be interesting.

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ESPN was reporting that

ESPN was reporting that Stanford was in the mix...? Anyone see that happening?

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Got my money on Michigan

Got my money on Michigan State

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