Jabari Parker

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Jabari Parker

Jabari Parker had a very good game last night with 27 pts 9 rebs. Parker has very smooth game, nice jumper & another under estimate athletic ability too. My question is does his game remind of Melo or Grant Hill.

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Parker Comparison

I really don't love either comparison, but if forced to choose, I would say Hill based purely on that they both had better overall games. Hill was an elite level athelete and while Parker is very good, I would not consider him elite. Melo is a pure scorer and while I think Parker can fill that roll, it would not be his preference.

I was really impressed with his jumper from deep last night. Much better than what I recall from his high school days, which I got to see him quite a bit.

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I don't get the Grant Hill comparisson at all

Maybe because they both played for Duke???

Anyway, I can see why people think Jabari Parker looks like Carmelo Anthony on Offense, he' got all the tools to be a top 5 scorer in the NBA, much more well rounded than Melo and a better defender/athlete at this stage in their careers...

After watching the Duke vs. Kansas game I came away very impressed with Parker, and Wiggins to a degree...

I loved the way Parker attacked the defense of the Jayhawks and straight up went at Andrew Wiggins, and IMO he(Parker) outplayed Wiggins, showing much more offense potential than the Phenom Andrew Wiggins...

In fact I loved the way Parker didn't give up on the fast break slam that ultimately cost him his 5th foul and the Blue Devils the win, sure if he lets Wiggin dunk the ball uncontested maybe he stays in the game and Duke makes a run late in the game...It showed hustle and the willingness to fight until the end, I don't see a Melo type making that kind of mistake...

Don't get me wrong I saw the athleticism of Wiggins shin through, his second jump ability is great and he got to a lot of rebounds do to being able to out jump everyone else on the court, if he ever becomes a skill player he will be very scary to defend, I loved the jab step jump shot he hit late in the game, but other than that he looked like an athlete not a NBA superstar...

Wiggins and his team won the game, but me and several other sports fans at Chickie's and Pete's felt like Parker was the best player on the court until he fouled out and allowed Wiggins to shine...

Just one guys honest opinion here, what are your thoughts on last nights matchup???

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Last night AW vs JP

I think both looked exactly like they have been build as. Parker much more polished right now, Wiggins an athletic freak.

I thought Parker looked amazing. On offense he is smooth. He did it all last night, pull ups, dives, finished with contact and hit the deep ball. People saying his D was terrible have to remember that Duke is so small more times than not he will be guarding the 4. He fought Perry Ellis very well down low making it hard for Perry to get position which he is very good at.

Wiggins scored on dunks, put backs and getting to the line. He used his athleticism which is his strength. He's not a great outside shooter but with the game in the balance had the confidence to take and make a big jumper on a huge possession down the stretch. He had pretty solid numbers considering he had to sit with two fouls for a good portion of the first half. Foul number two was a weak weak call.

While they rarely guarded each other I did notice the one time JP went at AW, Wiggins length really bothered him and Parker threw up an airball.

Both are unbelievable prospects and I think it could go Wiggins, Parker, Randle in any order in the top 3. Exum being a wildcard.

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My question is, who is Parker

My question is, who is Parker going to defend in the NBA when he got lit up for 24 points by the Jayhawk's 4?

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Ellis is no slouch

Ellis is no slouch

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upside is the equalizer in his case to go number 1....he had 22 pts and 8 boards while being in foul trouble without being ball dominant in the flow of the offense. Think about the fact he was originally in the 2014 high school class, moved up a year and still had numbers like that......but with that said...

I became a straight up full fledged Jabari Parker fan last night. Wiggins might have to go back to his original class if he wants to go number 1 good as Julius Randle is and he's VERY good I think Wiggins upside mayyy be enough to warrant taking him over him but not Parker. Jabari was looking like Lebron james out there not that he plays like him but just dominating and handling the ball at 6'8. He just seemed to dominate the way Lebron would've had he went to college. He's somewhere in between that Melo and Paul Pierce comparison he gets that's for sure. It's been documented but i'll say it again his jumper is a thing of BEAUTY.

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Parker doesn't have the first

Parker doesn't have the first step Melo has in which he creates most of his separation but I after last night I understand the comparison a little more.

Give me a break questioning Parkers defense after his first nationally televised game of his freshman year of college. Melo hid in a zone his entire college career so let's relax on that one.

Finally I just wanted to add that either Parker grew or Wiggins is incorrectly listed at 6'8.

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I would say they probably

I would say they probably round up for Wiggins and down for Parker. Wiggins was listed at 6'7 for a long time so the difference could be 6'7.5 and 6'8.5. Either way Parker did look taller. I have always thought he was a big 6'8 though.

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Parker has one of the best

Parker has one of the best all around offensive games I have ever seen from a college player. He can score from all three levels in just about every way imaginable. Oh, and he can pass. Only real weakness he has offensively is shot selection and it's not like he's JR Smith'ing it either.

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