Jabari Parker

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Jabari Parker

Being from Milwaukee and with new ownership I think that the Bucks have to go with my boy Jabari Parker. We need a face of the franchise and he reminds me of Ray Allen when he first got to Milwaukee, everyone knows he's going to be great let the other pieces fit around him and Giannas and go from their....I put together a song and video to honor my boy Jabari Parker hope you like it.

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Nice vid. Jabari has so much

Nice vid. Jabari has so much raw ability its unreal. Whoever gets him will be getting a game changer.

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I honestly think The Bucks need a Point Guard

Im a big fan of Brandon Knight playing some SG and a former believer in OJ Mayo, If the Bucks landed a Star PG that could get the most out of Knight and Mayo possibly they'd start looking like a semi complete team (Maybe Exum or Smart could be that star PG, matbe the Bucks try to trade the pick for that Star PG?)

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I think it's clear they should go for Wiggins, he's a much better fit next to Giannis and defensively they could be a really good duo in the future

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I don't see how Wiggins is a

I don't see how Wiggins is a better fit next to Alphabet. If anyone, a guy with a more polished offensive game would be a better fit next to such a raw guy.

Regardless, I don't think you make a pick that high worrying about fit. You take the best player available. Especially when your trying to fit with players who might not be any good.

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As long as we get Wiggins,

As long as we get Wiggins, Jabari, Embiid, or Exum, I'll be happy. If we take Randle or Smart or something, I'll lose it.

Can't really complain about any of the top 4 guys (top 4 in my book anyways). I'd prefer Wiggins or Embiid, but I'll be happy with any of those four.

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