Jabari Brown Scouting Report

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Jabari Brown Scouting Report

Scouting report for Missouri junior SG Jabari Brown can be found here:

Brown is an efficient scorer, and likely will provide a team with great shooting off of the bench (Jodie Meeks?) despite not offering much else. Could be good value for a 2nd round pick if he's able to do more than just shoot in the NBA.

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I think people are missing

I think people are missing the boat on this guy. There are more posts on here about him than any other supposed 2nd rounder (except James MacAdoo). I think the reason he keeps coming up is because he's a intriguing... and a 1st rounder. People keep bringing up MacAdoo because of the disappointment.

I end up seeing a lot of Jodie Meeks. He can steal the ball without defending that we'll, can't really get off the ground, and isn't much of a passer. Those are all things Brown can do. There aren't a lot of holes in Brown's game. That's probably his biggest strength. He's very solid fundamental-wise. That makes him, at the least, a safe pick. I've also seen some pretty dazzling moves and plays. He probably won't move up the boards until the combine.

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