The "J" Sound

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The "J" Sound

Does anyone else notice how the Top 4, most-hyped, players in this draft have just one single J sound in their names somewhere ? And they're all freshmen too !! Maybe it's just coincidence. Maybe it really is going to be something special. Or something else altogether, like a conspiracy. I don't know. Just saying....

* Andrew Wiggins

* Jabari Parker

* Joel Embiid

* Julius Randle


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It can't possibly be a

It can't possibly be a coincidence. I blame David Stern.

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Where in "Andrew Wiggins" is there a "J sound"?

And if you say [An-Jroo] I'll probable move planet.

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Stupid doesn't summarize

Stupid doesn't summarize this.

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James McAdoo is going to be

James McAdoo is going to be skyrocketing up mock drafts with this news.

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The weird part is that ESPN

The weird part is that ESPN hasn't 't run this as an article yet. Or that they haven't run one on the fact that there are several pro sports teams whose names begin with "Chicago."

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Breaking news! Andrew

Breaking news! Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker, Julius Randle, and Joel Embiid are going to start a boy band called the Blue Jays! When asked for the name's origin, the group said that all four of them came from schools with blue in them and that they all have a J sound in their first names. The reporter quickly reminded them that Andrew doesn't have one. Wiggins then responded, "Everything's different in Canada." Reports also indicate that Andrew Harrison was asked to join but is still undecided.

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More breaking news.

Justin Bieber, angry about being excluded from this new J-team, has reportedly jumped into a pool filled with 27 different types of drugs and a potent mix of Mr. Pibb plus Crystal Pepsi. He claims that he can now change his gender so fast that a powerful shock wave is emitted from his pelvis. Bieber states that he will use this power to disrupt any and all attempts at either singing or basketball by anyone with a J sound in their name.

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