ivan rabb

I curios about ivan rabb. I know he is a very athletic big with a great motor and who is good at running the floor, and im assuming he is a good defensive player, but what is his offensive skill set like. thoughts everyone?

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Rabb is Oakland's next bigtime prospect

He reminded me of Chris Bosh at LeBron Academy in Vegas. Love his potential. Long, quick feet, explosive, aggressive and good ability to face up and get to the rim quickly. He gave it to Diamond Stone. Also shows touch on his shot... Improved a ton over the summer. He's a legit one and done lottery prospect.

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Haven't seen enough of him

Haven't seen enough of him play to break down his offensive skillset, but I do like how he's ambidextrous around the rim. He shoots his jump shots right handed (weird form though, check out where his guide hand is), but he looks like a natural lefty around the rim. If he develops a legit post game that'll enable him to turn over either shoulder with equal effectiveness, making him less predictable.

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Uses both hands very well.

Uses both hands very well.

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So he is a Bosh type player?

So he is a Bosh type player?

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Diamond Stone

I dont like comparing players but Diamond Stone reminds me a lot of Dejuan coleman, overweight and ranked very high at a young age. Diamond right now is like 6'8" so he is an undersized center of pf but who knows maybe hell grow in to his body a little more and slim down

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