It's almost tank day!

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It's almost tank day!

It's just about here; the last day of the season! Prime time for ridiculous tank jobs. My personal favorites are that time a couple of years ago when the Warriors started D-leaguers to keep their pick (for Barnes, I believe), or when Mark Madsen shot like 11 3's in a game for the Wolves back in the day. What will happen this time?

I'm hoping for Pop to give the Spurs regulars "DNP-Old", for someone to do something way out of the ordinary (like...Drummond shooting 3s or something). What's your favorite tank day memory? What do you want to see this year?

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Phil Pressey has this day

Phil Pressey has this day marked on his calendar. As does Austin Rivers.

I'm predicting "Josh Smith Day," where everyone just jacks it up like J-Smoove. Should be fun.

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Too bad Nick Young ruined the

Too bad Nick Young ruined the Lakers tank day already.

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