Italy beats Spain

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Italy beats Spain

Anyone who is interested in the Euroleague..

Luigi Datome and Marco Bellineli, of Italy (minus Andrea Bargani and Danilo Galonari) beat Marc Gasol (Memphis Grizzlies), Ricky Rubio (T-Wolves) and Rudy Fernadez (formerly of the Dallas Mavericks), Jose Calderon (Dallas Mavericks), Sergio Rodriguez (formerly of The Blazers) Spain team 86-81

Here is the video Link:

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Quite an upset. Italy was

Quite an upset. Italy was definitely the less talented team. For those that watched, why did Spain fail?

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Italy has more heart

I believe that Italy plays with a lot of heart and if the three point shot falls we can beat better teams like Spain.
Gason was unstoppable, but Rubio is pretty much uselss in Europe. He declared he is a much better player in the NBA because there is more room to play, less zone difence. They often gave him 10 feet and challenged him to shoot from outside and he is just not confident in shooting I believe.
Calderon had a great game against Finland, but did not play well against Italy. They are asking him to shoot a lot, but he is not confortable in being a shooter.
I believe Spain really misses a decent PF... They miss Ibaka, Pau and Mirotic...
Italy on the other side has lots of decent role players such as Cinciarini, Aradori, Cusin that are not NBA talents, but do their work.
Bellinelli and Datome have been good so far, but the real deal has been Alessandro Gentile... I do not like him because I would punch him... He is arrogant, but he is defenetely showing he can ball... I believe he has NBA talent and will probably enter the draft next year... He is strong, can shoot and has a killer instinct that Datome does not have for example

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Arent spain already qualified?

Why did they still join euroleague?

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Two Words

Alessandro Gentile

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Man, I'd love for my mother

Man, I'd love for my mother country to field stronger teams more often, we have a fair amount of NBA talent, there's no reason we shouldn't be a better team in the global meta.

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