since it seems to be jordan week

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since it seems to be jordan week

here are some more fun videos from espn..
^^ this one talks about how jordan might do if he played at age 50
^^ this one is another debate from steve smith and skip

its still fcuking awesome how a decade away from the game and jordan is still one of the most talked about and influential players today.

ppl still rockin his jersey, black with red stripes, throw back from the 80s... and i even want his #45 jersey. to ppl still lining up to buy his throw back shoes. (my friend asked me to wait in line next month to buy the jordan 3's because you can only buy 1 per person). ppl still talking about him in rap songs, still in commercials and ppl still wondering how he'd do now

it makes me REALLY regret not watching more of his games when i was younger and had the chance because you know that on any given night you could be missing something special

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When you think that Jordan is

When you think that Jordan is one of the most marketable and recognized person, right behind Ronald McDonald, Santa, and Jesus, right up with Obama, you realize how influencial he is. The only other athletes that come close to his dominance and impact are Muhammad Ali and Babe Ruth.

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