It may be early...

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It may be early...

but I think Anthony Bennett could be one of the biggest NBA draft busts of all time. I mean the dude has just been awful.

I'm talking shooting 22.8% awful on 13-57 shots so far this year. 4-21 from the 3 point line, and 2.1 PPG in 10 minutes.

Has there ever been a worse first pick in recent memory? He doesn't specialize on defense, and he only grabs 2.1 rebounds in 10.7 minutes. Per 36 thats still only 7.2. Of course he needs more PT, but he's been atrocious in the time he's been giving.

Im not trying to brag, but I had him ranked 20th on my big board going into the draft, and so far that's been accurate. Here was my top 20 then, and I swear I haven't changed a thing, for better or worse.

  1. Victor Oladipo
  2. Nerlens Noel
  3. Trey Burke
  4. Otto Porter
  5. KCP
  6. Ben McLemore
  7. Alex Len
  8. Jamaal Franklin
  9. Mason Plumlee
  10. MCW
  11. Sergey Karasev
  12. Allen Crabbe
  13. Giannis Adetokunbo
  14. Raul Neto
  15. Jeff Withey
  16. C.J McCollum
  17. Jackie Carmichael
  18. Carrick Felix
  19. Janis Timma
  20. Anthony Bennett

Im still going with that, we'll see how things turn out, but my main point here, I just don't see it in Bennett. I can't find the thread but I remember being negged cause I called him a potential bust then, but it looks more reasonable now.

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Yes he's playing HORRIBLE

It's a case of drafted to the wrong team and wrong time. There are no minutes for him with all the fowards on Cle He's coming off a shoulder procedure and is out of shape Playing for Coach Brown which = No Offensive structure He's doesn't get a chance to play threw mistakes he's given PT in spurts His talent is easily top 10 maybe top 5 Ranking him 20th is a bit much. Hopefully he can comeback from this whether via trade or opportunity to play starter minutes

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I wouldn't be bragging either

I wouldn't be bragging either if I had jamaal franklin at 8 and MCW at 10

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I think his biggest fault was

I think his biggest fault was showing up completely out of shape. I don't know how much he could work during the summer with the shoulder injury, but honestly it doesn't look like he did everything he could. That being said, he was drafted by a team with a logjam at 4, and he can't play 3 right now. Also he started slow and so he probably lost some confidence and Mike Brown finds himself in a difficult position, because if he doesn't play him people are labeling him bust; if he gives him minutes and he doesn't play well he exposes him to poor figures and he might lose confidence even more. Of course it always sounds bad when you're the first overall pick and you post that stats like those, but it's more complicated than "Bennett can't play ball"

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Bennett is better than we seen

He is in a team with 2 selfish guards and that is bad news for a scoring forward. I like Irving but he is not a pg at all and Waiters is a 6th man jacker.

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It wouldn't matter if he was

It wouldn't matter if he was playing with prime Stockton right now. Stockton wouldn't change the fact that Bennett is an out of shape, low IQ tweener who'd rather shoot jumpers than throw his weight around on the interior.

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It is way to early to call

It is way to early to call Bennett a bust. He has been out of shape and coming off an injury. And like said above, he is playing in an awful offensive system. He has talent and has potential to be at the least a good role player. His start has been pretty awful though, but I think he can become a productive player in the future. He impressed me when he played at UNLV, very versatile and athletic.

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I'd like to blame Mike

I'd like to blame Mike Brown.

To be fair, I blame Mike Brown when the sun doesn't feel warm enough.

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Two things ring all the alarm

Two things ring all the alarm bells. First to be so out of shape in first place, where is your inner drive? Such guys dont succeed or are absolute Freaks, we are talking Shaq and Chuckster. Second, where is your IQ your common sense. Shooting brick after brick the second he touches the ball. What the hell is he thinking? It is a horror show.

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