Is it just me or is this USA ball boring as hell?

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Is it just me or is this USA ball boring as hell?

I've been trying to watch some of these games and I'm almost ready to give up. They just aren't entertaining to me. Like idk if it's the fact that we know there is going to be a blowout or that there is just no real competition but it's awful to me. Even watching steph curry I don't feel like he's even really into it. When watching bron and Kobe play in the Olympics I loved it because there was an element of star power but does anybody really feel that aura in these games when watching? Like Does anybody understand what I mean?

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+1 just based on you typing

+1 just based on you typing "like" in the beginning of a couple of sentences, as if you were speaking and not typing.

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compared to the original

compared to the original Dream Team and the teams with Kobe and Lebron, this team isn't anywhere close in terms of passion and excitement. I understand what you're saying.

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I believe both Davis and

I believe both Davis and Faried are poor on-ball defenders in the post. They're getting killed there. Offensively they get points just off athleticism... I don't see any good halfcourt sets.

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Yeah, Many basketball fans

Yeah, Many basketball fans will not be excited because they dont have Kobe, Bron, Melo, CP3, Blake, D Wade and Dwight. But they are out there fighting hard. Thats why ESPN promotes Curry and Jimmy on the flyer because casual fans only know them and not the others. Only D Rose is prolly the household name outside of Curry and Jimmy Harden but He does not start

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I don't like the name change,

I don't like the name change, from basketball world championship.

Plenty of teams are playing an unexciting game, few can score inside and all they do is launch bricks from outside.

Fans should just wait for USA versus Spain, then it might be a good game.

No Manu, no Bogut, no Tony Parker, plenty of teams are missing their best players.

A team should hurry and sign Raduljica, he had a big game.

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Looks like guaranteed -1's

Looks like guaranteed -1's for commenting on this subject. Oh well... But yes, for me this is pretty boring. Boring to the point where I'm not even really following the results. I guess I kinda care how Rose looks, but other than that I couldn't care less. Football is about to start, college football just started, baseball playoff races are starting to heat up, fantasy baseball is coming down the home stretch, fantasy football drafts are starting up and in full force. Watching USA beat up on some sh*t country couldn't be any lower on my list for sports right now.

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I haven't cared either. That

I haven't cared either. That doesn't mean I don't want them to win it though.

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