Is it just me or...

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Is it just me or...

Did the tournament committee do a worse job than usual splitting up teams that played each other/were in the same conference than usual?

Oregon and BYU play each other in the first round and that is a rematch, Duke/Michigan is a favored sweet 16 matchup that is a rematch, OK St/OU is a possible sweet 16 matchup, etc.

It just seems odd. Not saying they could have easily avoided it just that usually they really make sure no one can meet until at least the elite 8 unless if major upsets take place.

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The AAC sent four teams to

The AAC sent four teams to the tournament, three are in the East region.

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They changed that rule this year. They said they were going to worry less about putting teams against eachother in the early rounds.

"The biggest change is that teams from the same conference may now meet much earlier than a regional final. Previously, teams from the same league were bracketed to meet before then only in the event that nine or more teams from that league made the tournament. With the larger sizes of some of the major conferences, it's more likely that kind of situation will occur."

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I have 3 Big 12 teams in the

I have 3 Big 12 teams in the Final Four: Kansas, Iowa St., and Oklahoma St.

With Louisville over Kansas for the title.

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Ok St. has no inside presence

Ok St. has no inside presence so if they do even get passed the Zags Arizona will beat them by double digits. Marcus Smart will need to carry this team on his back to even make it out of the first weekend and I just don't see it happening. Kansas in the title game is shakey as well...they haven't exactly been a model of consistency this year because their youth and below average PG play.

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All they want to do is make

All they want to do is make as much money as possible by having possible high-value market matchups, that's it. Do not believe them when they said 'well, we really try our best to make things even and balanced'. Why would they do that? The only thing they care about is money. You can't try to gaze into a crystal ball and say 'hm.. maybe Louisville really is a four seed...and Duke a three see..while WISCONSIN for Christ's sake with seven losses is a two.. because that's like asking a dog what he knows about the universe.

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It's rough

It's rough

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