Is it Just me

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Is it Just me

That finds it hard to watch lakers games because of Metta World Peace shooting a 1000 times a game? I understand he's been hitting a couple shots here and there but go its an eyesore watching him try to score in iso or him shooting EVERY DAMN THREE. Is it just me???

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I find it very easy to watch

I find it very easy to watch Lakers games! It's fun watching them lose every time with a cupcake coach!

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Lol I completely agree with

Lol I completely agree with you. You can always tell when he wants to score, he'll grab the ball and take off down the court as fast as he can and try to bully his way into the lane to jack up a wild shot. His defense isn't near what it used to be either so he's more of a liability for the Lakers than an asset.

In other news, KD has 25 points in the 1st half.

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Believe me...

It's not just you.

At this point in his career, MWP shouldn't be trying to iso, and he should be more of a corner spot up 3 player, in the mold of Shane Battier. He can't iso that well because he's lost his athleticism due to age.

When the Lakers finally get a serviceable starter at SF, I'm not sure how long MWP is going to stay off the bench, as he's getting older, and your reputation can only carry you so far.

Still, he is an entertaining guy to watch.

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its very hard to watch laker

its very hard to watch laker games, but not because metta shoots too much. Its hard becasue they dont play defense. Its hard because they dont win. Its hard because loose balls always seem to end up in the other teams hads as the lakers get outhustled. It hard becasue lots of teams including tonights oppononet (okc) are just better and younger and get eaiser buckets.

Metta does his job. Tough start toinght, but you can tell he takes the losses personal and wants to fight which is why he plays so aggressive.

Also terrible news on jordan hill tonight,. Hes out for the season. He was th elakers best bench player all season and the best hustle guy on the squad.

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The worst part is you can

The worst part is you can immediately tell when he's gonna shoot a bad shot..He rushes down the court with no regard for anything to throw up a horrible shot. It's actually funny at times though.

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It's almost more fun to watch

It's almost more fun to watch than the Clippers winning. Artest getting in KDs face down by 20 hahahaha. And it's easy to blame the coach but it really players league, do I think Phil, coach Thibs, or Doc Rivers would do better yes, but Mike D came in with no training camp and with a disfunctional team and no PG at the time. Regardless I love watching the Lakers lose.

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Looking at the box score the

Looking at the box score the standings is fun when it comes to the Lakers losing, however watching the Lakers play is painful. It's painful to see Kobe doing everything he can but being helpless because his team is playing without any energy at all. However Kevin Durant the most exciting player in the league to watch. For some reason I feel he can very easily drop 40 points a game if he wanted to. And Russell Westbrook is also a bad man, but I've realized he's a lot smarter than we think he is. He could barrel his way into the pain every time and be flat out done by the time he's 28 like Marbury and Francis, but he's really working on trying to expand his game, even though I do think he takes a couple shots too many. If the Thunder keep K-Mart and get a top 7 guy in the draft, they'll be able to reload and that too at a cheaper price.

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