IT and Danny

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IT and Danny

IT said he loves Boston but doesn't think he will ever talk to Danny again. He said he still doesn't understand the trade and it should something that happens in NBA2K not real life. IT gave us his all and they made a great business move getting Kyrie. THat being said no loyalty at all. Does IT have a beef or was it just business

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Business. Ainge traded for IT

Business. Ainge traded for IT and put him in a position to showcase his skills. He wasn't a life long Celtic or a guy who won us a championship. It was a great opportunity for the Celtics to get better now and for the future. I would have let IT walk for nothing at the end of the season then sign him to a max contract like he is expecting. Great move by Danny, Kyrie is going to be a Celtic for a long time

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I'm not surprised by what he

I'm not surprised by what he said about not wanting to talk to Ainge again. That same attitude and edge is what allowed him to become the player he's been the last couple years. IT feels like he's always being slighted and takes it personally. It must have hurt to be traded after he gave everything he had in the playoffs on an injured hip, while mourning the loss of his sister.

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IT always slighted

Last pick in the draft. 3 years later, averaging 20 a game. TRADED. Phoenix has him in a sign a trade deal, but in a hugely, strangely stacke PG unit. 15 a game. TRADED. Boston, 22 a game, 29 a game, leads team to ECF almost single-handedly... TRADED. I get his frustration. No matter how good he is, he is always not THAT good. I love guys like this. Look for him to come back strong as shit. I hate the Celtics, but I will run with this guy.

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Considering he basically gave

Considering he basically gave as much as an athlete can give last years playoffs I would say he has a legitimate beef. Next time you get mad because your favourite player is resting for a sore thumb remember everything Thomas went through last year. Injured hip, losing teeth, bruising bones, having his sister pass and attending her funeral in thwe middle of a series while not missing a game. Physical and mental stress to the limit and gave everything but they still opted to go with Kyrie. The thing is his hip injury may have been healed by now or at least alot sooner if he had of sat out the postseason. Him playing on that hip was risking his career.

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I love Isaiah

I love Isaiah. As a 5'6" Celtics fan, I have an infanite level of respect and praise for Isaiah and what he has been able to accomplish. That said. Anyone who wants to give Isaiah the max is crazy. The Celtics had no chance beating the Cavs with him as the focal point of the offense and if Isaiah isn't focal point of the offense, then it simply isn't worth playing him considering his massive liabilities on defense.

Isaiah has every right in the world to be angry but Danny's responsibility is put the Celtics in the absolute situation to compete for titles. Honestly Danny did Isaiah a favor by trading him when he did because Isaiah would feel very differently about Boston if he struggled out of the injury and Boston media turned on him. Atleast now he'll always be revered by the commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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Business is business. My

Business is business. My issue though is that fans are so quick to turn on the players when they have that same mindset, but not the GM's. That's annoying.

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