Isiah Thomas and NBA Draft

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Isiah Thomas and NBA Draft

So as you already probably know he has declared for the draft. What do you think are the chances he returns( in which i think he should). And how do you think he will do if he dont return.

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75 percent he returns...but

75 percent he returns...but if he doesnt he prolly will be a late second round pick.

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He's said pretty seriously

He's said pretty seriously that he's not returning.

“It is a goodbye,” Thomas said. “It’s sorry to say, but I feel like this is the right time for me to make this decision.”

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Did not know he was really leaving

The Huskies are my alma mater's arch rival school, but I am sad to see him go. Great player who did big things in his short time at UW. This is a weak PG class, but I still feel he will have a hard time getting drafted in the first round. The Huskies are luckily very deep at guard, but their is no doubt they will miss Isaiah, who was their team leader and best offensive option. He is ridiculously quick, has great handles and can most definitely create for himself. He semi-reminds me of a left handed Aaron Brooks, not the same water bug quickness or shooting ability, but he is a little more solid and crafty. As with most tiny PG's (and he is tiny, more than likely is only 5'8-5'9), he will have a hard time translating on defense, but he works very hard and should be one of those players that pressures the ball at almost all times. His handle is amazing, but he is definitely a shoot first player who could improve his skills as a PG. Wish him the best and hope that he gets picked by a team that could use him.

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He should stay.

I am not sure he is a NBA player he should get his degree he came this far. If he was talked of as being a 1st round pick I would say go, but in his case he should stay. I wish him the best, but I am not sure he gets drafted, unless he kills it in pre draft camp. Maybe late 2nd round,maybe.

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