Isaiah Whitehead is really good

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Isaiah Whitehead is really good

Isaiah Whitehead was a kid that had a ton of hype before even playing a high school game and growing up in NYC and attending Powerhouse Lincoln high school certainly didn't help the hype die down. He drifted out of people's mind a little bit between his sophomore and junior year in high school. This spring and summer though he came out gun slinging and is now rated the Number 1 SG on the Number 3 SG on Espn has yet to update their rankings.He uses his off hand very well which a lot of kids don't do now days. He can pass very well.He finishes with contact like few others do in the nation.Handles the ball well and now his jumper has progressed. He has the recruiting circle in a frenzy right now because no one can get a firm grip on where he will land. My guy tells me Indiana for some reason. I know he has been a syracuse lean for a while but I think he is going to Indy. I also feel he will only spend two years in college at best before he leaves. Any thoughts on his game,where he may land,and how long he will stay in college?

Ball is life dropped a new mixtape of him today which is pretty dope.

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Hes nice.. UCONN would be

Hes nice.. UCONN would be nice for him

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Player comparison

Best Case Scenario: a less athletic Monte Ellis
Worst Case Scenario: Charlie Bell

My opinion:

I like him because he's a very creative scorer who possesses a beautiful shooting stroke. He has very good isolation scoring instincts and shows the potential to be a very good catch & shoot player when coming off screens and pin-downs.
His weaknesses is that he is an undersized shooting guard at 6'3'' that also possesses a short wingspan. He also has average explosiveness especially in traffic. And as of right now he hasn't really proven that he can be a true combo guard who can play the point guard and shooting guard positions both equally well.

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Seems like a nice prospect,

Seems like a nice prospect, but by this tape I'm not in awe or anything. I think he should stay at least three years in college unless he makes great strides early into his college career.

He's gonna need to some work on his shot mechanics. Being a 6'3'' shooting guard with that little hitch in his jumper paired with the fact his release is more horizontal than it should be is going to get his shot blocked or just simply not being able to get it off if a defender is near at an NBA higher level. He's young, so he may fix it, but that stands out considering he's an undersized shooting guard without great athletic ability or an NBA body that can take a lot of contact going to the hoop.

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i think hes a little bit

i think hes a little bit overated but 2014 is a weak class IMO so maybe he isnt too far off from his ranking. I feel like his college choice can either make him or break him..If he chooses a school with a system where he can strive in then he will have a chance to play in the nba and make some good $, if he chooses the wrong college then I could definitely see him fading into obscurity and ending up overseas..Either way I cant really seem him as a big time impact player at the college level.

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Have not seen the kid play but based on the comments, any comparisons to Dion Waiters?

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