Isaiah Briscoe

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Isaiah Briscoe

Is Briscoe criminally underrated on this site? He's not on the radar for either 2017 or 2018 mocks. In the game against Northern Kentucky he got to the rim at will and posted 17pts 8reb 2ast.

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Briscoe is a smaller, way

Briscoe is a smaller, way less athletic Tony Wroten. He doesn't seem like a draftable player to me because his limitations especially shooting from the outside.

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I made a topic near the

I made a topic near the beginning of the season and talked about how I think he could be a poor man's Avery Bradley but I gotta say, he's been killing me this year. It seems like the longer the season goes on, the further down he puts his head and the more he just barrels toward the rim. Basically most times he drives it's either a charge or a charge that didn't get called. He's our guy with experience (bigger role than Willis, Hawkins, and Mulder) but he's never been the one to put games away or get us back in during crunch time. He could have a future in the NBA but he's gonna have to be able to put the ball in the basket outside of 5 feet without it looking like an accident

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Problem for Briscoe

The problem for Briscoe, from an NBA draft standpoint, is that he hasn't really improved that much in 2 years. He is incrementally better from last year in his shooting especially his free throw percentage which went from 46% to a respectable 65%. But his outside shooting, while much better, is still only 28% from the 3pt line. He dishes a ton of assists, but does not take care of the ball as evidenced by his equally impressive number of turnovers.

From a draft standpoint, Briscoe has lost his mojo because Malik Monk, and De'Aaron Fox have stolen all of it. That might not be fair, but Briscoe has played a ton of minutes so it's not like he's lost opportunity to showcase his abilities. He just hasn't stood out compared to Fox and Monk who are locks for the lottery.

Finally, I think guys need to know if they are going to really get better. Some guys actually will get better and improve their stock by staying another year. But these guys are typically not hyped up freshman, known quantities. They are ususally guys who flew under the radar and blossomed as freshman, and their coming out year is their sophomore year. Grayson Allen, Luke Kennard, a couple of examples. But Briscoe came to UK projected as a frist round one and done, and he just wan't that kind of player. He woudl have come out last year if he thought he had a shot at the first round but he knew better. But in his case he needed to improve tremendously, not just incrementally. In other words if Briscoe had performed last year like he is this year, he would have been a 1st round one and done. But when he decided to stay another year, he needed to show massive improvement, and he just hasn't convinced enough people.

Personally, I think he can play at the next level. He is probably going to have to go the 2nd round/undrafted route. I actually think he is better off going undrafted so he can pick and choose where to try to fit. But he has an uphill battle to make a roster.

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He's played very poorly

He's played very poorly overall in the 2nd half ot the season despite a few big games. I think he's undraftable at this point and I hope he returns to Kentucky next year. He needs to lose 10 lbs and continue to work on his jumper. Additionally, I think Cal would give him the opportunity to be be the starting PG, becuase neither of the incoming PGs are your surefire one-and-done talents. Briscoe needs to find consistent success as a college player before entering the NBA since he is not a guy loaded with untapped potential, and he has yet to do so.

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His defense will get him in

His defense will get him in the league at some point. If David Nwaba can make it without ANY type of J, briscoe can too.

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