Isaiah Austin staying another year.

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Isaiah Austin staying another year.

Isaiah Austin will return to Baylor for his sophomore year. Was projected No. 15 by @DraftExpress

Good move?

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Yes because guys like him that are not physically ready are best suited to stay in college 2-3 years.

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I think it's a good move. I

I think it's a good move. I had him too 20, I think too much potential to fall out the first round. But if he can put it together next year, get stronger around the paint, he could move back into lotto talk.

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Him and Cory Jefferson could

Him and Cory Jefferson could be a great big man combo next year.

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I think it's a good move in

I think it's a good move in the sense that he'll be helping Baylor next year and not playing in the D-League but he's still going to be taken in the 20s with next years draft class being stronger than this years. What I thought were going to be second round picks will be taken in the late teens and 20s the way this draft is going. Adrien Payne also returning to school

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Definitely a smart move to

Definitely a smart move to come back. Not sure it's possible with his frame, but he needs at the very least an extra 20-25 pounds. Right now he's got Jonathan Bender written all over him.

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I think people forget how

I think people forget how well Bender was developing before knee problems derailed his career.

Bender was also legendary in Indiana for dominating in practice.

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We'll see how much weight he

We'll see how much weight he can put on. It would be easier for him to put on weight if the NCAA would completely relax their rules regarding athletes and team meals.

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Great Move

I like the fact that he is going back to Baylor...I think this move makes the team better and helps Austin greatly to develop his body and game more...

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Oh, and apparently it's not

Oh, and apparently it's not 100% confirmed yet. He just tweeted this like 5 minutes ago:

"Everybody please don't jump to any conclusions I have not made my final decision yet!
Y'all will know soon enough what I choose..."

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All these guys Returning.. So

All these guys Returning..

So Many Hyped Freshmen Coming In....

Most of the High Profile Programs will be returning 2 or 3 Starters....

I Can't WAIT Until The cOllege Basketball Season Starts!!!!

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It's definatly good for the

It's definatly good for the teams that would have risked drafting him.

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Bender was pretty good until

Bender was pretty good until he got hurt and even then he was a quality shooter. It is a shame he had all those knee injuries early on. I like this move. I think two years actually helps a lot of young bigs who are not ready. He could also move up if he plays well or go to a team that is a playoff contender and have time to develop like Perry Jones. Perry Jones will benefit from playing against Ibaka and Durant in practice.

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Next years draft is starting

Next years draft is starting to look like a real game changer. Austin definitely needs to stay in school until he improves his low post skills offensively and defensively while adding at least 20 pounds. Austin is a player that has outstanding versatility potential meaning if his development is executed correctly he could effect each game he plays at a high level in many different ways.
He has shown range, signs of a face up/pull up/step back game, mixes it up for points on offensive boards, has a great handle for a 7'ft player and is effective in transition. Defensively he has the foot speed and length to be a good pick and roll defender, and already can contribute as a help defender, although he would get tossed around like a rag doll in the NBA if he doesn't get stronger. That strength is a huge need for Austin because positional advantage on the floor is huge, if he can't even hold his position it fundimentally destroys the dynamics of his skills, and his teammates skills, meaning NO PLAYING TIME!
If Austin could learn to consistently be a threat offensively stretching the floor, hitting 3's, scoring on bigs off the dribble, with a pull of jumper, mid range game, post up game, mixing it up in the paint for offensive rebounds and easy points, while defensively rebounding well, being a shot blocking presence, and a player that can defend in the post.He will probably never be a true C defensively but he could be a player with many roles in the NBA which any team would love to have.

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chadfordinsider Chad Ford RT

chadfordinsider Chad Ford
RT @JasonKingESPN: An MRI performed last week revealed that Isaiah Austin had torn the posterior labrum in his shoulder

chadfordinsider Chad Ford
RT @JasonKingESPN: The injury would've prevented Austin from working out with NBA teams, a situation that would've made it tough for him

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Austin made the right choice.

I.Austin made the right choice. 2013 draft is even more weak...

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Why the Hype?

He's CHANNING FRYE with glasses. Stiff, soft and not really a go to player...but here's to hoping he has a breakout year, great move to stay in school.

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