Isaiah Austin to enter Draft

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well, he's a 2nd round

well, he's a 2nd round prospect but with the lack of centers in this draft i wont be surprised if he climbs to the bottom of the 1st.

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Huge disappointment in

Huge disappointment in college and doesn't look to have a promising pro career. He could've returned and maybe had a resurgence in a weaker draft but as mentioned above the lack of C's this year could help him.

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Not a bad move. His stock

Not a bad move. His stock could certainly go down if he decided to return, but I don't see it going up any. At this point, better to just cut your losses and declare while you're at least still on the radar.

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I think he will do a lot

I think he will do a lot better in the league then what he did at Baylor. All he's expected to be in the league is a Channing Frye type, get in the game hit some long jumpers, maybe block a few shots, but I think if a team drafts him with realistic expectations he can be a decent pro. A team like San Antonio or Houston could plug this guy in 10 minutes a game and I think he would produce relatively well. 5-7 points a game, maybe a block if he gets closer to 15~18 minutes. I think he will be a solid rotation big guy, the NBA always covets big guys with range, and Isiah isnt a terrible defender so I think he will be able to stick as a solid bench player. If Anthony Randolph is still around, I'm sure Isiah can get some looks.

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Yi Jianlian

He reminds me a bit of a lankier Yi Jianlian. Just have his agent set up some workouts against a chair and he might sneak into the top 10-15. In all seriousness though, I can't see him lasting very long in the league.

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