Isaac Hamilton to Officially Miss the 13-14 Season

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Isaac Hamilton to Officially Miss the 13-14 Season

UTEP once again denied a release of his letter of intent. Shows another reason why you need to make your decisions wisely. Apparently he wanted to be closer to Los Angeles so his grandmother could watch him play but I was a little surprised he chose UTEP to start off with since the Conference USA is now even less competitive than it already was with Memphis and Houston leaving for the AAC. Looks like we won't be watching this McDonald's All-American play until another year from now.

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2nd Hamilton kid to change

2nd Hamilton kid to change their mind on Tim Floyd.
I thought for sure he was gonna sign with UNLV or SD State to begin with.

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when you say make your

when you say make your decisions wisely...I hope you mean that you feel he shouldve stayed close to home to begin with and not try and say that UTEP or Floyd is in the wrong for denying him a release on his NLI?

the school spent money on recruiting, turned away recruits, and crafted their schedule around their roster. its an unfortunate situation but I dont blame the university for their stance.

his brother is still going to play at UConn next year FYI.

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