International Draft

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International Draft

Since the NBA's lottery system is flawed. I think the NBA would be better suited to get rid of the lottery and make two drafts, a college draft and international draft. That way, the bad teams would not be stuck with prospects stuck on potential, who leave for a bigger market. Also eliminate trading picks. Make it similiar to baseball's model where development is key. This also makes it so there is a reason to tank.

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How does splitting up the

How does splitting up the draft solve the problem that you brought up?

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Getting rid of the lottery

Getting rid of the lottery makes tanking more viable. There's no variability in where a team will land like with the lottery.

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I'm not quite understanding

I'm not quite understanding how this makes the draft any better..,
It promotes tanking to the fullest, takes away the probability of lottery talent falling to good teams a la Jared Sullinger or pj3. With two separate drafts it would drain the talent pool so teams on the first round will definitely look at guys with more upside and high risk in higher draft slots compared to how it is now where the talent pool is deep enough to find a safer alternative with the skill level not dropping too far... If you implement two drafts you will have guys like Andrew and Travis Leslie with guaranteed contract money. And is the honestly enough international talent to warrant an entire separate draft? I don't believe so ... And honestly there are very very few sure things that enter a draft... Bad teams are looking for stars... Since they do not know if a player will be an all star until they actually have an established Nba career... They will continue to draft on potential.

Also two separate drafts is not going to make smaller market teams more attractive than the LA's and Miami's of the league... That's why the cba was changed

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not sure did I get right but

not sure did I get right but are you saying worst team in NBA would get best prospect in USA and best international player in one draft?

Bobcats and 76ers worst seasons would look like Bulls 72-10 season when some teams decide to tank

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Im sorry but I have no idea

Im sorry but I have no idea how dividing the draft into college/international solves anything.

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