International Ball

International Ball

I know most of the people on this site are American, but it is also very popular down-under too in Australia. I'd like to run this future team past you and get your feedback:

PG - Kyrie Irving (born in Australia), Dante Exum (#4 2014 Prospect)

SG - Patty Mills, Matthew Dellavadova,

SF - Ben Simmons (#3 ESPN Prospect)

PF - Thon Maker (#1 2016 ESPN Prospect),

C - Andrew Bogut

If Australia could get that team all on the floor at the same time surely at least a silver medal in World Championships/Olympics is possible with a small chance of upsetting Team US.

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Kyrie Irving will be a part

Kyrie Irving will be a part of USA Basketball moving forward. He has already played during the summer sessions and looked like the best guard on the court during their scrimmage last summer.

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Probably right

Yeah I accept he probably doesn't consider himself Aussie, but we can always dream. If Exum is as good as hypped he probably won't be needed.

Thon Maker surprised me by agreeing to meet the national coach. I know people get hypped about young frontcourt prospects when they're 8 inches taller than their opposition, but damn that guy looks good. An even longer version of Kevil Durrant.

I also have Ben Simmons as a possible Jabari Parker clone and wouldn't be surprised to see Jonah Bolden play his way into draft contention with a strong season at UCLA. I think he will at least get the starting spot.

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"If Exum is as good as hypped

"If Exum is as good as hypped he probably won't be needed."

I like your optimism my brother.

I think you guys are in for a nice youth movement but with Andrew Bogut most likely only having a few more appearances in the national team uniform another young big would I don't mean Maker I mean the type that can be a force down low.

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Although only 6 of those players will likely play for Australia, that's still pretty solid. A starting line-up and a 6th man. Not many countries can field a whole 12 man team of NBAers. Having said that, I'm pretty excited about Canada's hypothetical line-ups in the near future, especially of a few of the young guys pan out.Lots of potential NBA players.

Might not qualify for the 2016 games, but I'm sure we'll still get a chance to see the team in action in the next few summers.

PG: Corey Joseph, possibly Myck Kabongo and Olivier Hanlan.
SG: Stauskas, Rautins (not in NBA but was drafterd), a couple decent NCAA guards (Heslip, Pangos, Long)
SF: Wiggins, Bennett, Ejim, Kris Joseph (whats he up to?) Justin Jackson (Class of 2016 I think),
PF: Tristan Thompson, Dwight Powell, Andrew Nicholson, Kelly Olynyk, Trey Lyles
C: Robert Sacre, Jordan Bachynski, Joel Anthony,

I'm probably forgetting people. And I don't see Dalembert suiting up for us again

Not bad eh? Another gem or two and we could be looking at a serious contender for Silver down the road.

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Don't forget...

Don't forget about Tyler Ennis the way he's been playing this year makes it seem like he's gonna be the starting PG of the future for Canada basketball. Possible lottery pick this year and with his success with canada basketball in the past and his play this year I can't believe you forgot about him lol.

Also top ranked high schoolers like Montaque Gil-Ceasar and Jamal Murray

Possible Future Backcourt of either Ennis, Joseph or Stauskas. I believe Ennis and Stauskas have more potential but Cory may get the not due to experience. Wiggins at the 3 and a frontcourt of either Tristan, Nicholson, Olynyk and Bennett could be a pretty competitive bunch. Might be a little young for 2016 but I can't wait for 2020 if all of these live up to their potential and Canada is able to compete for a medal.

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You forgot Tyler Ennis

You forgot Tyler Ennis. He will be better than all the PG's you mentioned.

Edit: Beaten to it by 2 minutes.

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I saw an interview to Steve

I saw an interview to Steve Nash the other day (remember he's the GM for the Canadian BB team) and he said he likes Tyler Ennis a lot. It seems his games is suited for international basketball...

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We still have Brad Newley and

We still have Brad Newley and Joe Ingles who have been good swingmen playing for good teams in Europe for many years. As well as Aron Baynes, havn't really seen him play much but being on the Spurs can't be a bad thing haha.

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