Interesting Kentucky thought

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Interesting Kentucky thought

With Boogie Cousins and John Wall seemingly playing well enough to make each conferences all star teams this year i got to thinking about their 09-10 kentucky team. my question is, looking at how all of the players on that team that made the nba have progressed to this point, how would that team fair in the NBA this season. The lineup would look something like this

PG: John Wall

SG: Eric Bledsoe

SF: Darius Miller

PF: Patrick Patterson

C: DeMarcus Cousins

Bench: Daniel Orton, Josh Harrellson, DeAndre Liggins, Jodie Meeks(left one year early but figured they could use some backcourt help)

Obviously this team isnt very deep and not a championship contender but i figure in the incredibly weak east they could maybe make a run at a lower seed. I just thought itd b fun to look at. let me know what you think.

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that team would finish with

that team would finish with the 3 seed in the east and would win atleast 1 round in the playoffs in the East.dead serious.

Boogie has improved enough to the point where he's the best Center in the league right now.

with the east so depleted,i say John wall is the best PG in the east thats healthy right now.

Bledsoe with Wall would be devasting,the top 2 or 3 backcourt in the east.

Miller is a good spot up 3 point shooter and can defend the others team 3. a good 3 and D guy.

Pat is a decent PF,can shoot and rebound. he could hold is on and be a respectable starter on that team.his play would be improved due to that cast and will benefit from more easy points.

Meeks can be a great 6th man on that team.

Liggins can provide defense off the bench,( should still be in the league right now if he didnt have the inicident with his girlfriend)

Harrleson is decent out in Det. he's rebounding pretty good.

Orton is jus another center to clog up space .

i'll say that team will have a strong case to even make the playoffs out of the West.

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