Inside Scoop: Mock Draft 1.0 (1st Round)

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Inside Scoop: Mock Draft 1.0 (1st Round)

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DIfferent take...

yet interesting the whole way through.

Chilbert arenas
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Vazquez was third in the

Vazquez was third in the league in assists, how is that ''expendable''?

The last thing the Pistons need is another undersized two guard who people think will be a point guard. They already have Knight, Stucky, and Bynum, all best served as shooting guards and I think the same about McCollum.

Mavs are trying to trade their pick so a promise is highly doubtful.

OKC isn't going to draft Kabongo to be their third string point guard.

Bazz to Charlotte at 4 almost seems so bad that it would actually happen.

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The jazz need a shooter and

The jazz need a shooter and passer for a pg. they were 28th in the league in 2012. But that was before they got mo, Marvin and Foye. Hayward is the only one in their young nucleus that can hit 3's respectively. So they need another shooter so no I don't think MCW is there answer since he can't shoot worth a lick. But Larkin could be at 21. And they can also find their pg via free agency. What about Bledsoe, Teague or Collison?
Why does everyone have Olynyk slipping? Didn't we know he was going to struggle at the combine? He had a great junior season at Gonzaga shouldn't he be rewarded for his hard work during his redshirt season?
How can you justify Crabbe going mid first round? Yes, he's a terrific shooter but last time I saw he was slated to go late first to early second round. I don't think he impressed that much in the combine.
Teams don't like Goodwin, so I highly doubt he goes mid first round.

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