Inept Draft 2013 (For Laughter's Sake)

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Inept Draft 2013 (For Laughter's Sake)

I thought it would be funny to guess where certain players should end up in the lottery if we all want a good laugh on draft day:

1) Charlotte- Anthony Bennett. They have every need in the book so there is no pick based on need that would be funny. I think however it would be funny if they selected Anthony Bennett with their pick. He is an undersized 4 who has trouble getting his shot off against guys with length. Imagine his inept shot creation next to Bismack 'No Offense' Biyombo and Byron "I'm a 7 footer who shoots threes and is too lazy to try when I'm not shooting well' Mullens.

2) Orlando- Otto Porter. Sure they need a PG and a SG but the management here chooses to go with another 3 with potential.......because Tobias Harris and Maurice Harkless aren't quite enough. Hey, stockpiling PFs paid off for Houston right? At one point Houston had 9 PFs on their roster. I'd like to see that redundancy happen again.

3) Washington- Willie Cauley-Stein. Washington seems to have a penchant for drafting very dumb, tantalizingly athletic prospects who never quite pan out (excluding Bradley Beal). Andray Blatche, Jordan Crawford, Jan Vesely, and the captain of stupid JaVale McGee (not to mention John Wall is well on his way to making this list, IMHO.....he recently stated he feels he is worth the max). So WSH keeps up that track record with Willie Cauley-Stein. He seems like he has trouble putting two and two together and is simply lucky enough to go through the 'Calipari Inflation' system. Will be known for coasting through games and making coaches and GMs mad due to his unfulfilled potential.

4) Sacramento- Shabazz Muhammad. Doesn't pass. Selfish. Arrogant. Horrible teammate. Chucker. He would be great to watch next to Cousins, Evans, and Thornton. Put those 4 on the court with one ball and watch the arguing begin.

5) Phoenix- Alex Len. I like Len as a prospect but for a franchise desperate for name and star power Len would be the antithesis. Nothing like taking a project big man in the lottery to excite a depressed fan base. Hey, maybe they could pass it off as getting an early jump on the Wiggins lottery of 2014. You have company Charlotte.

6) Minnesota- Cody Zeller. Who do you pair with a disgruntled rebounder who doesn't play good man defense? Why another offensively skilled big who doesn't intimidate anyone in the lane of course! Zeller also looks like he will be injured at some point early in his career....and if that's the case then Minnesota is the place to be!

Hopefully one dumb GM will indulge us with one of these picks on draft day.

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Am I the only one who thinks

Am I the only one who thinks a Biyombo/Noel pairing would be funny? Their blocking percentages would be higher than their shooting percentages lol.

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Charlotte take Noel and

Charlotte take Noel and Cauley-Stien, with their lottery picks, as MJ decides to create a team of shot blockers with Noel, WCS and Biyombo. MJ decides that his team is so bad he will try and win games 50-49 from now on.

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Actually, Anthony Bennett

Actually, Anthony Bennett does not have inept shot creation, and would actually be a pretty good fit for Charlotte if the end up with the 3-4 picks. They need a low post scorer, and he is pretty much the only one in this draft that fill that bill. Noel on the other hand, would be a terrible fit, seeing as they already have enough big men who are all athletes and are completely raw offensively.

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First off, I enjoyed this but

First off, I enjoyed this but I think Shabazz is getting a bad rap. He may be a ball hog, but he's a down to Earth guy if you get to know him. The arrogant, selfish, horrible teammate stuff just isn't true. He definitely needs to learn to fit within a team concept better, but hey leading scorer on Pac 12 champs. Can't be that bad, can he? Howland goes to bat for him.

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Why do I feel like it's really likely that Minny actually takes Zeller due to their current draft position? One of those cases where we have to expect ineptitude from the Wolves management in drafting, yaaaaaaaaaay

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Aran Smith just put it out there, Shabazz is getting hated on

He's not a Bad Shot taker/Team killer, he's a tough nosed guy that wants to win and realizes he's the best Player on the court in College Basketball and he needs the ball to help his team win games, If he has a Monster NCAA Tourney there is going to be a snowball effect leading to Shabazz being taken #1 overall, he's not going to be out played by any other wing prospect at the Draft Combine and private Workouts, in fact I have him dominating those match ups and making a lot of people eat their words, I find it funny how just a few months back everybody was in love the Kids game and potential...Like Ben Howland never hid a guys NBA potential at UCLA (Affalo, Mbah Moute, Collison, Love, Westbrook, Holiday, Shabazz, Kyle Anderson ect .ect.)

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You get pissed at Larry Drew II a couple times.....

And you are "arrogant" and "selfish". The funny thing is, were people not hating on Larry Drew II up until he made that game winning shot? He was generally horrendous at North Carolina and while he sort of turned it around at UCLA, he still pounded the ball, was inconsistent from long range and is I believe being wildly overrated due to his assist to turnover ratio. If Drew had missed the shot against UW, gurantee people would be saying "Man, he should have given it to Shabazz."

Sure he shot Drew II some daggers, however if you watched UCLA at times this season as I did, you would see Drew was less than perfect at times. As was Shabazz, just think their was a reason Howland called Shabazz conference player of the year rather than Drew. Meeting Shabazz last year, however briefly, made him a hard player not to like. He was very down to earth and I have heard nothing bad about him as far as being a teammate. Think people focused on him not celebrating just a bit too much and any beef between he and Drew seemed to be squashed immediately.

In the end, I think most GM's try to draft the best basketball players for their team. They hope the pieces fit together and of course they go by some model of positions, but getting complete basketball players on the court together can do wonders for a team. Some of these moves do not look great at this current time and would seem to be either redundant or a bad fit, though come closer to draft time that might not be the case. I am guessing Sacramento would have little issue with Shabazz's work ethic, for one. They need to move some pieces around obviously, as well as a glaring hole at SF. I don't love some of these fits, however feel that while I would not want most players going to Sacramento, Shabazz would not be someone who has some major issues that Cousins and Evans have displayed beyond questionable shot selection.

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Lol, don't celebrate a buzzer

Lol, don't celebrate a buzzer beater and then you become cocky, arrogant and selfish. Does anyone have any video of Shabazz arguing with a coach, teammate or fan? The most reaction I've seen out of him all year was after the Mizzou game. He has the work ethic of a peasant trying to become a king. Look on his instagram and his twitter, his teammates interact with him on a daily; and I don't know if it's just me but, being an AAU player and high school baller, if I don't like one of my teammates I simply don't interact with him outside the court, but I guess He's still "selfish" and not a team player just because he takes 15 shots a game.

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