Indy- N.O. trade idea.

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Indy- N.O. trade idea.

My current analysis on both teams:
Indy- At their best, cannot beat Miami, a healthy Chicago, or neither New York teams. With the contracts they've given Hibbert and Hill, I think this team is destined for the "Middle of the road syndrome" where they are too good to improve draftwise, yet not good enugh to win it all, a la previouse years of the Hawks and the Garnet led T-Wolves. This team needs a shake up to give them the chance of building a complete team that can compete for it all.

N.O.- Young teamof course, battling injuries to their 2 best players. Bottom of the ranking and should have a top 5 pick this upcoming draft. They already have a great young group of players to build "around" and I think they can do better by suring up their weeker spots, C and sf, rather than bringing in another young rookie.

Indy gets- Ryan Anderson and N.O. 2012 unprotected 1st rounder
N.O. gets- Danny Granger and Ian Mahinmi

Indy- Paul George is a sf, not a sg. It's time to make this he permanent position. Ryan Anderson, as we know, is a very talented player. A stretch 4 who is a very good rebounder and a decent defender. Pairing him with Hibbert will allow him to play pull the opposing big man out of the paint, leaving Hibbert to play one on one inside. With the extinction of true bigs in the league, Hibbertwil usually have a hug advantage in the post, like he did against the Heat in ast year's playoffs. The best part of this deal is the high lotto pick Indy receives. George Hill is talented, but I dont believe he can be a championship caliber team's lead guard. He is moe valuable a a 6th man. With this pick, along with their own, they can potentially add two very talented players including the pg they need. Best case scenerio, grab Zeller of course and move Anderson to the 6th man role, then grab a pg with their second pick. Worst case- draft your backcourt of the future. They'll be able to grab a McLemore, Mohammad, Smart, or a Goodwin to pair with McCollum or Burke. That backcourt with George-Anderson-Hibbert can have a great future.

N.O.- Again, their positions of need are the 5 and the 3. Im sure to piss some off, but I dont think Noel wil be worth a top 5 pick and I dont see Mohammad as a 3, but more a 2 in the league. With that said, I think the Hornets/Pelicans will be better off bringing in some vets. Granger is from N.O. and he is better fit to be the #3 on a very good team. Mahinmi is a very talented big and underrated. He i a very goodpost defender, rebounder, athletic and has a decent post offense game. I think he will mesh pefectly with Davis inside.
$$ impact- Granger 13mill expires after next year and think he will resign for a bargain, 8-9 million yr.

Vasquez-Gordon-Granger-Davis-Mahinmi w/ Rivers, Aminu, Lopez off the bench. Thats a playoffs team with a lot of potential for improvement.

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Pretty sure you mean 2013

Pretty sure you mean 2013 pick but we'll let that slide. And if I'm New Orleans I don't want another all-star caliber player who never plays due to injury. Besides Ryan Anderson is stroking right now and is a good fit next to Davis to space the floor.

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I must admit some bias as a

I must admit some bias as a life-long Pelinets fan, but I think NO is giving up too much in your trade. Way too much.

Anderson has been putting up points comparable to Granger's past two seasons. Aside from rebounds, which Anderson gives you more of, the numbers -- from TS% to rebounds, to assists -- are pretty similar from player to player. Anderson's slight edge in PER, his being well-suited to NO's gameplan, Granger's injury history, and the age disparity all make me think Indy would have to give up a bit more to make this trade work. At the very least, The Hornicans would not give up this year's pick in the trade.

Lastly, if I'm not mistaken, New Orleans has the second youngest team in the league; I have no problem with them drafting another top 5 player to develop with the rest of the young guns.

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