Indiana Pacers draft

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Indiana Pacers draft

Who would you choose in 23 and 53?

in 23: Tony Mitchell, Nate Wolters, Isaiah Canaan, Reggie Bullock or Myck Kabongo

in 53: Trevor Mbakwe, Adonis Thomas, Rodney Williams, Ricardo Ledo or Ryan Kelly

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Ledo won't make it to 53, if

Ledo won't make it to 53, if he does, you have to pick him up immediately if your the pacers. But while that won't happen, they should go for someone to replace Pendergraph as big of the bench (Mbakwe for instance), and take a SG with their first round pick (Crabbe?).

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I'd rather have Pendergraph

I'd rather have Pendergraph than Mbakwe, frankly.

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