Indiana lands another 14 year old

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Indiana lands another 14 year old

Good for the future of IU,just hope these kids(James Blackmon Jr,who is considered the best sg in the 2014 class) keep there commitment by the time 2014 rolls around

In 2014, I will be 27. Barack Obama, should he be re-elected, will be less than three years from his constitutionally-mandated removal from office. And Trey Lyles will begin his freshman year in Bloomington.

The 6-foot-9 forward from Indianapolis’ Tech High School, already considered one of the state’s top prospects in the 2014 class, joined friend and AAU teammate James Blackmon Jr. on Sunday when he gave Indiana a verbal commitment. Our fellows at the Hoosier Scoop have the details.

Lyles joins Blackmon, a long-armed guard who plays for his father — former Kentucky standout James Blackmon Sr. — at Bishop Luers in Fort Wayne. Some interesting stuff from Hugh Kellenberger’s post:

“It is what Trey wanted to do,” said Tom Lyles, his father. “He has been talking about it for a while. I had told him, ‘No, you don’t want to do that for a while.’ But he was adamant. Me and him and his mom talked about it and he proved positive that he wanted to play for coach Crean and IU.”

We’ll try to get in touch with Lyles and his family in the next day or so. In the meantime, feel free to chew on this and leave your thoughts below. Hope your Sunday was enjoyable.

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Man, tall kids are

Man, tall kids are lucky...Really, really lucky.

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he'll say he wants to go to

he'll say he wants to go to indiana right up until another school offers him money to come there...

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Pedo Recruiting

Indiana shoiuld be more worried about getting 18-22 year olds right about now.

Did Taylor King teach us nothing?

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so many kids don't pan out.

so many kids don't pan out. and in all likly hood the coach wont be there when they arive.

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IU is starting to pick up

IU is starting to pick up steam with the younger recruiting classes in Indiana. It's smart. There's still a perception problem among the upper recruiting classes, so Crean has been making relationships with the younger classes.

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Wonder if......

Coach Cal is going to honor the scholarship Billy Gillespie gave to Michael Avery in the 8th grade :). Still, with these kids they are at least on the national scene and seen as potential big time prospects. Who knows where they will end up 3 years from now amongst the rest of their class, but I hear Blackmon is legit. I do not know anything about Lyles, but he is 6'9. Seems like Crean is getting Indiana back on track after the whole Sampson episode, and looking far into the future is better than not really having one (believe me, I know the past couple years with my school). But yes, I do remember Taylor King, committing to UCLA before his freshman year and than switching to Duke. Crean better start winning or these commits may indeed go the way of Michael Avery and Billy Gillespie. By the way, to the person that commented on another school giving these kids money, who is to say that they didn't get it from Indiana already? I mean, two 9th grade kids committing already. Something kind of strange about that.

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