Improving the NBA #4 No Charge

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Improving the NBA #4 No Charge

#1-Widen the court a foot on each side
#2-Each team gets one player to receive a 7th foul (for a tech)
#3-Allow any defense-full on zones

#4 This is the one I hate, the Battier. This is not an on the ball defender sliding in front of his man and getting run down. This is the off the ball defender sliding in and standing there. I hate this play and it should be a foul. I know it is a tradition in bball, but it is not a good play for the NBA. Why?
1. It is dangerous and leads to injury
2. It takes away from an exciting play-a guy beating his man and driving to the hoop
3. It is impossible to call correctly in real time consistently
4. It has no equivalent in sports-standing in front of someone to get run over, then getting rewarded.

People will argue it is the only way to stop a driver, but the real way is for the initial defender to keep his man in front. Players should challenge a shot like men (Asik and Hibbert are great at this). Why can't Battier (not picking on him-it is a smart play since it is legal) jump, get his hands up and make the offensive player make a tougher shot.

With allowing Zone, it balances the advantage for offense and defense.

Thoughts? I posted this before and it got mixed reviews

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