improvements kyrie must make....

First and formeost, deferring to Lebron. Kyrie has been the most talented player on the Cavs, but that is no longer the case. This is Lebron's team now. Kyrie has to grow up also. Having Lebron there will help immensely, but Kyrie has to take it upon himself to mature. He has been in the league long enough to know how to be a professional, but it will be extremely important for him to act like one now if the Cavs want to compete for a title. Playing off the ball. Kyrie will no longer be able to isolate and do AND 1 moves as much as he has in the past. It looks great on hilights, but doesn't win you games. Lebron will be facilitating the offense on many occasions and he has to learn to move without the ball. Catch and shoot. Off Lebron penetration, hitting those wide open threes and mid-range jumpers after Lebron draws 2 and 3 defenders. What else does Kyrie need to improve upon?

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A jumpshot wouldn't hurt

A jumpshot wouldn't hurt

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...yeah he needs to learn to

...yeah he needs to learn to handle the ball better aswell..

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I was under the impression he

I was under the impression he played that way because he had too. The Cavs haven't had the greastest guys around him. Offensively I don't think there should be a problem. Like you said he can play more off the ball and that will be scary considering he's been shooting near 38-39% from 3 for his young career. That fast break with Lebron and Kyrie spotting up in corner and then Wiggins who also can run like a deer. Defense is going to be the issue. Not only for Kyrie but all of there young core. Bennet, Waiters, Kyrie are not known for D and its a lot to ask Wiggins to guard NBA 2/3's efficiently in his rookie year.

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Kyrie being able to hit a 3pt shot and finish

Better than Wade automatically make him a better player to play alongside LeBron... I'm also tired of ppl saying he needs to mature and become a better professional... Lol... Like come on. What have you guys heard about Kyrie outside of the Waiters issue that make you believe he's the next Mike Beasley? Being concern with that, especially when LeBron is there is NIT PICKING... There's not enough evidence to claim that Kyrie is anywhere near a problem or less than a good kid...

Kyrie need to improve his defense, but players playing along side LeBron always step up there, especially the last few seasons... The difference is Bosh and Wade was Bron's peers, while Kyire, Wiggins, and Waiters are his mentees... They will follow his lead and we are about to see an exciting 2015 Cavs team...

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Kyrie shot second worst to

Kyrie shot second worst to MCW in catch and shoot jumpers. I think he was 77th out of 78 out of the elgible guards... He needs to improve catching and shooting.

he shoots well off the dribble but with Lebron there will be a lot more opportunity for catching and shooting.

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