Improvements for 2k14

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Improvements for 2k14

I just want to hear what you guys think 2k can improve upon this year. One glaring omission from the game every year is the ability to customize your player's wingspan. What if you want a guy with a freakishly long wingspan in my player or when you're creating a draft class? You just simply can't do it. Half the time I created a tall player and he looks like he has T Rex arms

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This is actually a good

This is actually a good topic.
-You should have to unlock legendary teams. Also more legendary teams...I wanna play with Yao and t-Mac and the good Kobe and shaq.
-your my player should be able to compete for the chance to make the Olympic team during summer drills and season performance.
- you should be able to pick what country your my play Is from..depending on the country it will be harder or easier to make the Olympics.
-updated rosters should be able to be turned on and turned off...I dunno about you guys but I keep having to take out my hard drive to play with d-rose or Kobe.

....why not only make 1 2k that updates constantly instead of coming out with a new one every year...also I really wish they made a high quality college recruit to college (like real college) to nba draft game. All good graphics and not poorly made would be such a dope game.

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I agree with trying to make

I agree with trying to make the Olympic team.Thats would def. be fun.
Also I would like to be able to receive techs. in games.

note: How is the Yao and Tmac team legendary? exactly what did they accomplish?

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Better franchise mode. That's

Better franchise mode. That's all I want. &$#%#[email protected]! my player.

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Yeah biyombo for example is

Yeah biyombo for example is 6'9 but with his huge wingspan it helps him get blocks/rebounds, not sure if they adjust it for players they create but if he really only has a 6'9 wingspan in game that sucks.

I'm a big fan of MyCareer/MyPlayer, so I'll tell you what I think needs changed/added/removed.

When you get drafted, it should change the whole draft instead of you being put with the same player they drafted.
For example: Get drafted #2 with Oladipo, Oladipo should then be drafted by a different team rather than still being put on the Magic with you.

More press conferences, add interviews, make it feel more real. Be given minutes based on where you were drafted.

If I'm a 3 point Specialist I should have the option to be specifically stuck to that label, and be given a role of 12-20 mins per game and be thrown in at pressure situations to hit big 3's (same thing for say a shot blocker to be thrown in when needed defense on the inside).

The 3 Point Shot has been broken in the game as long as I've played it. No one defends you enough on it and you can easily get an A+ shot off with about 55-65% of them going in. I've scored 121 Points in a single game doing this, it's ridiculous how poor the defense is, I don't care about how automatic an open 3 is, but the defense should be better and I should be required to create my own shot more often.

That brings me to slashing, often times when slashing it's pure luck or just using a dribble move, my player should be talented enough to do it himself rather than me doing the same spin move over and over. I want something fancy, and to beat my defender off the dribble and have it recognize what I'm trying to do whether it being a runner or a move inside.

IT'S WAY TOO EASY TO WIN. Seriously, If I score 30-50 Points, I win automatically no matter the difficulty, It's like just because I'm so good, apparently it doesn't matter my starting Point was Nolan Smith and that I didn't have a single other scorer on my team. The other teams defense/offense needs to be better, I swear they miss so often.

I hate how when you're shooting inside and of course you're covered pretty well on a layup, it never goes in, like have you seen how often a great finisher can finish in traffic and being well defended?

It's also way too hard to defend (at least on PC where I played it most), It's not like I can move around well enough on my own to stay in front of my guy, no matter the on-ball defense rating.

In keeping it more real in MyCareer, I just want everything more real. I don't want to be a superstar so fast, but I should have a high rating if I'm picked say 2nd rather than the automatic 64 overall. I should be less durable. If I'm really good, I should have their best defender on me, like say Lebron.

When I averaged 30 PPG and was all-nba first team etc, I still wasn't recognized as a SuperStar, I should be recognized more as a superstar.

off the MyCareer topic
I hate how Derrick Rose, Stephen Curry, Westbrook, etc (basically all scoring Points) average like 26-30 PPG, it makes no sense.
I want emotion and facial expressions.

Sorry about how long this is lol, I could have kept writing too.

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Led the league in threes and

Led the league in threes and points with my center... whose three was 64, all in 7 minute quarters.

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I basically love all of this.

I basically love all of this. My player is your classic 6'10" Eastern European stretch forward and he's already an all-star in his second year. I want to be a three-point specialist who's maybe the 4th-6th best player for a few years. I don't want to be good immediately! I'd rather it be realistic.

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If we are actually talking

If we are actually talking about my career then they should give you 3 or 4 different options how you want your player to be.

Option 1)
Superstar Prospect (automatically top 5 player)

Option 2)
Borderline Lotto/1st (anywhere from maybe 10-30)

Option 3)
2nd Round Player

Option 4)
Undrafted Guy (they'd have to bring back d-league first this)

These options would bring more of a variety to the mode. Some guys want to be good fast. Others like the challenge to make a name for yourself. Give players that option.

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1) bring back college hoops

1) bring back college hoops haha
2) please for the love of god..Better hair and beards.
3) create a team and be able to do a expansion draft in the association. I creat my team and have to put them into the league bit an actually expansion process would be a lot more fun.

4) this is a big one and won't happen anytime soon but
I they could integrate college into the my player it that would something else.
First you make your guy and choose your school. Then you play on the team and leave school when your draft value is at its peak. Say you leave after your freshman year and you aren't that good so you go in the late first round or second round then you have to improve once you are in the league. On the other side if you stay in school and improve you have a chance to go higher in the next years draft (depending on the strength of that class.
The final way to make it to the lwague and more likely since we havent seen a college game in years is through overseas.2k14 has 15 euroleague teams so it would be cool to have to spend a year there out of highschool if that what you want to do (ala brandon jennings)

5) why are you makong me spend 400 gold coins on an arm sleeve? Whats next quests to save the princess?

6) Don't let Jay Z whore himself out all over this game haha but the soundtrack was pretty sick

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some of the colors are really

some of the colors are really off in the game, it's been like that for a while and it's irritating. btw ladders hurt

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For me the number one thing

For me the number one thing would have to be online game customization. When I play franchise, up until this year I played at max speed, but for 2K13 I toned it down to 75 game speed…which is still 25 points above what it is online. This makes the game seem unbearably clunky, and un-fun to play at times online. I know this is more of a personal change, but it would be nice. I would also like longer quarters online as well, and would like to play on a harder difficulty…Sometimes playing on all-star is too easy, especially when you play against Melo and the likes.

Also they need to step up their franchise. I know a lot of you guys enjoy the myplayer or career modes, but for me it's all about the franchise mode, and they never do anything new. I think the best example of a franchise mode would be MVP Baseball 2005. you literally could do everything in that Franchise mode, from building your stadium too pitch by pitch simulation. I would like to see the same be done with 2k, because I know they've done so before.

Other than those few complaints I would like them to sure up a few of the sloppiness that existed in 2013. Passes need to be more accurate and on time, and it should not be normal to shoot 57% every game. I would also like them to make defense a little better. Unless you're playing an amazing zone it's really hard to get the best out of your perimeter defenders.( I think it's also worth mentioning that I play on PS3, and PS3 sports games are ported, so XBox users might experience a different gameplay than myself)

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My Player

They said they were going to add wingspan like 3 years ago, but still have not done it.

I also wish they'd bring the DLeague back, and possibly add an option to go overseas first(since they're adding some Euro teams). Call me crazy but it's more fun coming from being a "nobody" to becoming and NBA All-Star.

I thought My Player was ridiculously easy this year, doesn't seem to matter what position or playstyle combination I make, I'm able to dominate soon as I'm given decent minutes scoring 30-40+ a game effortlessly. Post players are especially dumb, if you use the correct post moves it's nearly impossible to miss your shots. Same goes for guards, it's too easy to go down low, post up against anyone of any size, use some post moves, and score. I remember a few years back it was kind of hard to score in the post and people were complaining, well I think they adjusted it a bit far.

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Something that would be easy

Something that would be easy to add would be a rebound meter. With the meter in play the rebound would goto the player who has better timing at stopping the meter on said rebound. Variables like size strength and position would make the "target zone" bigger thus making it more likely for a perfect rebound. Also a defensive player could become hot doing so causing them to dominate the defensive and offensive board.
This would give players more rebounding ability as the CPU normally dominates the boards.

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The ability to reduce the

The ability to reduce the number of games in a season in My Career, like you're able to do in Association would make the career aspect so much better. My guy averages 40-50 points 20 games into it, then i lose interest and barely make it to a second season.

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More Realistic My Career

Make the experience more realistic
1.I'd bring back the summer league
2. Instead of having pre-draft interviews should have private workouts like real rookies have.
3. Your overall should be decided by your draft spot.
4. Make attributes cost the same have you noticed when you buy an attribute the price keeps going up that's stupid
5. Gives us ore VC on a good game you may receive 450VC but a speed attribute cost 500VC while last year you got like 1500 skill points
6. You should pick the player you want to defend like a defensive matchup for example your a SF and your playing the lakers if your the better defender you should guard Kobe instead of JJ Reddick to make it simple be like LeBron who gets assignments to guard Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose, Tony Parker, and Rajon Rondo
7. The rest of the stuff you guys said.

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Have the CPU make better

Have the CPU make better organizational decisions. For example, if the Cavaliers already have Kyrie Irving as their starting point guard then they won't go after Chris Paul. I also would like to see better logic in the draft and in trades for sure. I've used fairly realistic draft classes for the 2014 class. In one association that I was doing with my Bulls, I ended up acquiring the 2014 1st round picks from the Cavs and the Magic. That ended up being the top 2 picks in the draft. Then during the draft, I acquired two more 1st round picks and managed to scoop up Julius Randle and Marcus Smart in the TEENS! I did not initiate any of these trades, the CPU did. I ended up winning the 2014 NBA title and going into the 2015 NBA season, my starting lineup was D-Rose, Wiggins, Deng, Randle, Noah with Jabari Parker, Taj Gibson, Marcus Smart, and Rip Hamilton coming off the bench along with picking up Festus Ezeli as a free agent. I honestly got bored with it because it was so easy to acquire all of this talent and think it'd be pretty easy to fix.

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When players go back to the

When players go back to the bench have them put their warm ups/ shooting shirts back on. This really bothers me for some reason. It's hard to think of a player who doesn't put some form of shooting shirt on.

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Fix the stupid AI in My Player.

Every time I see Jared Cunningham passing up a wide open three to take a contested layup, I want to smash my head into a wall.


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These may be small, but: -

These may be small, but:

- I'd like to be able to put a broken nose mask on any player's face.

- I hope they fix Kenneth Faried's hair. I can't even play with him with his current style.

- I agree with the wingspan issue. They need to include more physical measurements to bring players even more to life.

- Fix the created player bodies. You're either skinny as a pencil or too big. It's like once your player goes past a certain weight, he blows up.

- And of course they can continue to tighten up online play. The less lagging, the better.

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The VC thing is so dumb. D

The VC thing is so dumb. D League should be brought back with the option to send your players there and if you draft international guys, the optuon to stash them should be allowed. 2k10 is still the gold standard to me. My career is terrible. They've focused so much other things, they've lost track of the gameplay of it. I'd also like shoe customization back and changing your accesories for home and away. I've been really disappointed with the progress of this game. I thought they started a revolution with 2k10 but it's not changed much and gotten worse by my estimation. Maybe my standards are too high. i dont know. Hope things change drastically next year.

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I think it is time they stop adding new features and fix the broken features. Online play is not fun. Besides the lagging you don't get to play with injured guys and it jacks up your offline roster. Association is far too easy. it takes little to no effort to build a super team by trades or by boosting up your attributes through all the development. There have always been a lot of broken players. Guys with so so ratings that kill you. I played against my brother the other day and he was killing me by hitting 3s with gerald wallace.

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Fix the SERVERS!!! tired of

Fix the SERVERS!!! tired of the drop games and bad connections... Also make the my career realistic, bring back the D-League spend money on a realistic D-League players,
not euro teams that you can only play regular games with. Bring back Summer league and training camp tere is no all star game to be selected in a draft that suck... Upgrade the association (ONLINE) 3pt contest, Dunk contest, add a skill challenge to all star weekend??? Also intergrate summer league in the offseason of association.

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Here is my realistic

Here is my realistic wishes:

1) BRING BACK CREW!!!! - This easily was the most popular game mode behind my player mode, servers were bad for the game mode but when it was up and running there was nothing that was better than using your favorite player or your my player to play with friends and other people

2) REMOVE VC and EDIT MY PLAYER [2k13] - VC practically turned the game into a MMORPG, VC is expensive to buy with real life money and it comes very rarely in game (You get like 200-400 VC for an A+ performance) also; remove the my player feature where you can't make separate players with different names and facial features. Make My Player/My Career 2K12 like.

3) NEW OPENING TO MY PLAYER/ MY CAREER - Start My Player off with selection of Superstar, Lottery, Mid-Round to Late Round, Second Round to Undrafted draft status, make the draft combine available to where you can do drills and play in scrimmages to gain or lose status (If you're a star you must compete in the drills and scrimmages well to maintain your status which is harder to do, if you're a projected Second Round pick it is much easier to have your status raised) From Draft Combine to Interviews to Rookie Showcase to the NBA Draft which leads to the Summer League and then from the Summer league to the preseason. Make your NBA Debut much more serious.

4) MAKE DUNKS BLOCKABLE - You cannot block dunks, plain and simple. I've tried many times but it is not possible, make it that if you time your block jump well you can block dunks.

5) PLAYER PHYSIQUE - Allow the player to customize what kind of physique, not every 5-10 player looks like Phil Pressey and not every 7' footer looks like Shaq. Allow us to make Arms bigger, legs skinnier and shoulders wider or higher.

My Unrealistic list

1) NBA Moments - Similar to Madden Moments, make a mode where you can replay moments in NBA History such as - Derek Fisher's buzzer beater with .4 seconds left, TMac's 13 pts in 33 seconds, LeBron's game 6 and Game 5 vs Celtics and Pistons, and Ray Allen's Game 6 3pt FG

2) BRING BACK COLLEGE HOOPS - I'm tired of having to download a faux roster every year, EA lost the rights to college basketball titles so it's time to attack. Imagine how big it would be if you can load a My Player from a College My Player. Imagine leading your player to a Final Four against the likes of Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker and Julius Randle.

3) Legit broadcasting - Try to get rights from CSN, ESPN, TNT, NBA TV to use their name in the game to make franchise mode and other game modes more realistic.

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My opinions

I don't know if this happens to you guys but in my online associations the computer made rookies never have their stats updated. For example if a rookie was drafte 2014-2015 and you go to their stats section and it's year 2017 it will say something ridiculous like, 2014-2015 127 games played and averaged 52ppg 15rpg and 17apg.

Another thing that bothers me if when you're myplayer you can't select the jersey you want, that &$#%#[email protected]! me off for some reason lol!

As CameronCrazy11 stated, I totally agree with that. Today I was doing my offseason for 2017 I think and the Warriors signed Chris Paul and Derrick Rose, like WHY?!

And the trade finder SUCKS. For fun I'll put LBJ in the trade finder and teams will offer me a 77 rating player. It's absolutely RIDICULOUS!

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For starters, I like the

For starters, I like the addition of euroleague teams. Getting more classic teams like the 00 trailblazers, 98 pacers, 93 suns, maybe a team from the 70s like the bullets or supersonics.
The passing can be better, only passers in the 90s can have fancy passes. Every player should be able to do those passes but with a lower success rate. Also post moves should be improved.
With association, scouting should be improved maybe add the combine and have created stats for the incoming prospects. There is also too many trades and free agency is not realistic. Playing with the bobcats I signed Dwight Howard after a 30 win season. They should fix that.

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Something I really liked on

Something I really liked on NBA Live 10 was team play and the ability for captains to choose a team as well as players instead of it being random. I hate getting stuck playing the Bobcats vs the Heat and I'm forced to use the center position.

Better trades on trade finder and bring back the trade block. The CPU is always trying to rip me the hell off. I try to trade a guy like Chandler Parsons, the CPU wants Parsons, Harden, two 1st round picks, and my first-born son while they're giving me Luke Walton.

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This thing is pretty minor

This thing is pretty minor but i would like to be able to simulate the games in association to specific quarters. Just like in nba live 06 for example where you can simulate a game to the fourth quarter and play the fourth quarter only.

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It wouldn't hurt to have some HOF/Superstars WNBA players like, Bird, Parker, Leslie, or Championship teams like the Detroit Shock, or LA Sparks, or Phoneix Mercury.

Also, Fix the online play.

Also have more kinds of player style types: i.e: "Floor General", "Stretch Bigman", "Combo Guard", " High Flyer" etc.

And better create-a- player types.

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There is already a floor

There is already a floor general player type though.

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But you know what i'm

But you know what i'm referring too

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1. Disable the B button in

1. Disable the B button in the backcourt, because at this point in time, I'm about this close to chucking my controller out the window because all those noobs in My Team just take charges left and right. Play real basketball, not that garbage.

2. Get rid of the CHEESE, there's so much cheese in the game this year, it's crazy. the euro step threes should be removed except for Steph Curry. But you should not be allowed to go left and right with Dell Curry, Steph Curry, Craig Hodges, or any other three point shooter for 24 seconds until you're open to shoot a three.

3. PUT IN A ZONE OFFENSE! I can't explain how frustrating those zones are where somehow a handoff gets stolen. If you're going to put in those zones, have a zone offense.

4. Make association mode more realistic, in free agency, they don't have cap holds, which means If I have a star free agent and enough cap room to sign him, I can go and sign another free agent, and then use bird rights to sign my original star. This makes it too easy to build a good team.

5. Let us block dunks, I swear there's a point in Lebron's takeoff that's sometimes at the three point line where you can't stop him at all, I know that's true in real life too, but at least you can try to get in his way, in this game, you can't even do that when they take off, which is unrealistically far.

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Adjust the way individual

Adjust the way individual attributes affect a players overall. A player with 99 Inside, Close, Mid Range and 3pt but 70 Offensive and Defensive awareness has the same overall as a guy with 70 Inside, Close, Mid Range and 3pt but 99 Offensive and Defensive awareness. Its stupid

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1) Bring back college

1) Bring back college hoops
2) In my player mode, improve the pre-draft process, with workouts instead of a single lame game. The position where you get drafted should influence both attributes and role on the team. Also you should be able to customize attributes, obviously without affecting the overall value. Also the draft picks should change from reality based on where you get picked.
3) Bring back D-League both for my player and association. I'm tired of having rookies &$#%#[email protected]! me off because they don't get playing time even though the other players are way better than them. Also, introduce summer league for my player mode.
4) Improve CPU AI in my player mode, I'm tired of seeing guards breaking plays just to over dribble and set up for contested mid range shots, even when there are 4 open teammates, or start dribbling when they're totally open and should take a jump shot, ect ect.
5) Almost every player (thus NBA overall level) improves too much in association mode, after 5 years almost every starter has at least 80 overall, and sometimes you have many teams with two or more 80+ overall players coming from the bench. Players with 70 overall end out of the league when they become free agents, which is ridicolous if you consider that when you start the game there are some teams with one or two starters who are 65 or less.
6) Wingspan and other physical/athletical measurements should be introduced and affect the game.
7) In my player mode they should separate your salary (which you should use to buy stuff, make up events or whatever) from the points you use to improve your attributes, the latter being collected with your in game performances and training (which should be drastically changed)
8) Not really important, but it would be nice in association mode if they showed some fictional college stats for the prospects in the draft class.

There are sure plenty of other, but these are just the ones that come to my mind right now.

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