Iman Shumpert

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Iman Shumpert

I'm reading a lot that the Knicks aren't as high on him as the rest of the league is. Many believe he can become an all-star. What do you all think of his potential? I believe he can become an all nba defender, but do you think his offense will ever become good enough to become an all-star like player? Can he become the second option on a serious contender?

FYI- I'm assuming defense alone won't make a wing an "All-Star". As great a defensive player World Peace was, he only made one.

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I think

right now he is versatile player who can help any team. He's best case is IMO Paul George-ish type of player, 20,6,6,2 guy, but he must improve his offensive game,add more things to his arsenal as a scorer.Defensively he is guy who can guard 4 positions,and gets stealst and rebounds.I think he's gonna be all defensive team also.

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14pts, 5rebs, 3asts, 1.5stls

14pts, 5rebs, 3asts, 1.5stls and 2 3PM with tough defense. That's his prime.

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On a bad team, where he would

On a bad team, where he would handle the ball a lot and put up more shots, I think he could average 16-20 ppg. Then again, that goes for a lot of guys if they had a bigger role.

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The Knicks don't know what

The Knicks don't know what they want to be. If they want to get a bit younger and make a push in a couple years, they should try to find someone that would take Amare, Chandler, Bargnani, and or Felton.

If they want to make a push with what they have, they should deal Shumpert and bring in someone that can help them more right now.

Personally, I think they're kinda stuck going for it now, and that they need to upgrade PG and PF to have any shot at contending. While he might not technically be as good as Felton, I think getting a guy like Jose Calderon would be a better fit for this team. Felton will shoot it 15+ times a game regardless of if he's feeling it or not. Calderon knows when to shoot and when to pass, and he's very good at both. His defense would be covered up some by having Chandler in the back end of the defense.

I like that they tried to get a stretch 4 with Bargnani, but Bargnani is not the guy for that. He's just too poor at every other aspect of the game. If they could swing a deal for someone like Ersan Ilyasova, who, when healthy, is a better shooter than Bargnani while being a far better rebounder, that would be a good move for them.

I'd also consider trying to package Shumpert with Amare to get a team that is willing to tank for two years (Amare has 2 years left on his awful contract) to take them off their hands for someone that also might be on a bad contract, but is more capable of contributing than Amare is.

Anyways, that's just my two cents as an outside fan. As a fan of the Bucks, I can say that it can be much much worse.

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I've never been in love with

I've never been in love with Shumpert...He's a good defender, but his offense is uncontrollably inconsistent and he hasn't really gotten better since coming into the league

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I believe shumpert can put up

I believe shumpert can put up numbers similar to what Iggy has done over his career. Both are great defenders and can put the ball on the floor.

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I was watching the Knicks

I was watching the Knicks game and I was thinking the same thing.

I quite like Shumpert. He has a beautiful release and shot. I think he is a solid to good player that could prob start for quite a few teams with stats just like TOL23 put up

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