Imagine yourself as a GM

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Imagine yourself as a GM

And if you could pick from the top players of this draft and the last two how would you order the next 21 players (using the players I used)knowing what has happened the last 2 seasons? and why? Here is my order

1. Kevin Durant- Ultimate scorers i always have loved him and he will be a Kobe/MJ type of player for years to come
2. Derrick Rose- Can you say another CP3 Jason Kidd type player
3. Blake Griffin- Beast measuring at 6'10 he will be a 15 and 10 type player but can he lead a team?
4.Russel Westbrook- Great all around skills slasher and mid range shooter played decent this year on defense shows great promise
5. Brook Lopez- He maybe white but he can play basketball. Great mid range shot decent rebounding and has good shot blocking.
6. OJ Mayo- One of the hardest people to decide where to place as he is a great scorer but can he pass the ball and be as good on a better team?
7. Ricky Rubio- Another player who will either be good or be bad. Great pick and roll point guard plays good defense but has one of the worst shoting touches in the group
8. Kevin Love- I know your probably wondering why he is here but was one of the best rebounders in the league if he shoots the ball better he will be good player on any team.
9. Eric Gordon- Great skills one of the most underrated rookies last year can put up points in a hurry but what can he play sg his whole career?
10. James Harden- Has all around skills but does can he make one of those really prominant whether thats shooting or defense?
11. Micheal Beasly- Great athletism and pretty good stroke but couldn't get off the bench in Miami? Is he really going to play like Melo?
12. Al Horford- Was thinking this guy would be a 15-10 guy this year but basically reapeated his rookie year? Dissapointment
13. Hasheem Thabeet- Not a big fan of Hasheem but he will at least get you 2 blocks a game
14. Tyreke Evans- I think Evans will either find his nitch in the nba or be just another Jammal Crawford
15. Jeff Green- All around skills are good but needs to become a way better rebounder if he wants to play PF
16. Brandon Jennings- Is he a stud or all Hype i can't figure it out
17. Greg Oden- Is he going to to be a 15-10-2 guy or is he going to just be diop?
18. Brandan Wright- Hasn't got much playing time but has put up great numbers when he does
19. Jordan Hill- I'm not so sure on this guy whether he is a good basketball player or just a good athelete
20. Yi Jinlian- Charles Barkley last year said he would pick this guy over Durant?
21. Corey Brewer- Who?

All and all I think the 2008 class is by far the best while 2007 is behind it followed by 2009

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May be a little biased

As a bulls fan here is my list:

1. Rose- Again probably biased
2. Durant- Elite scorer needs to bulk up
3. Lopez- Proven post prescence and rebounder
4. Griffin- Mostly hype dont know if he can hang with pros
5. Mayo- Solid scorer and defender, needs to figure out if hes going to play point or not
6. Beasley- Probably wont play like Melo but still will be a good contributor
7. Horford- Needs to go back to PF but still very good
8. Westbrook- Not bad of a rookie year for playing out of natural position
9. Thabeet- Like big men and he plays great D
10. Gordon- Very good scorer especially when given time
11. Love- Havent heard much since hes out of Minnesota and they werent that good
12. Rubio- Havent really seen him play and dont know if he is Nash or not
13. Harden- Supposedly most NBA-ready despite struggles in NCAA tourney
14. Oden- Needs to become #1 overall pick ahead of Durant
15. Jennings- Struggled overseas with pros
16. Evans- Great player, but needs to improve J if hes going to be a SG
17. Wright- Not much time to see him be a star
18. Green- Not a PF and needs to get traded to a team that needs a SF(Toronto)
19. Hill- Not sure about him either although he is coming out of a powerhouse conference
20. Jianlian- Seems to be a softer Dirk
21. Brewer- Not sure about what happened after he got drafted, think he got injured

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Replace Wright, Evans, Yi and Brewer with Conley, Thad Young, Al Thornton, and Augustin.

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i agree with Rico, I dont

i agree with Rico, I dont think Wright, Evans, Yi or Brewer deserve to be on that list, but I'm not sure about Conley either. Thad, Al Thorn, Augustin and Jonny Flynn should be in. My 21 would look like this:

1. Rose
2. Durant
3. Griffin
4. Harden (i know, i know, HIGH, but i love harden)
5. Mayo
6. Westbrook
7. :Lopez
8. Jeff Green
9. Thornton
10. Eric Gordon
11. Horford
12. Beasley
13. Rubio
14. Love
15. Flynn
16. Thabeet
17. Augustin
18. Jennings
19. Thaddeus
20. Hill
21. Oden

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thornton is not better than gordon. rose is not better than durant. thad young should definitely by top 15.

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Anthony Randolph

What about Anthony Randolph? His averages are great when he gets PT, it's just that wonderful coach Don Nelson doesn't like playing rookies...

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The Same wit Beasley

Im sure Blake is coming off the bench next year if he gets drafted to the Clippers... I bet his numbers won't be near Beasley's this year... Do you guys realize Mike average 15 and 5 in 25 min.? He was the second leading scorer on that team coming off the bench... To put some of the guys yall put in front of him is ridiculous... Blake and Harden hasn't played a single minute yet and yall already putting them ahead of Beasley, who by the way got the best of Blake in high school and college... I'm just saying, you guys are over analyzing too soon... Some of these guys didn't have the oppurtunity to showcase their skills really... Horford, Beasley, Gordon, and Love... If Beasley had the green light and average the same amount of min. as Rose and OJ, do you realize he would average 24 and 8? Not to bad for a rookie huh? So, to put people in front of him that hasn't played a lick of pro ball is nuts... I said this before, AMERICA is all about what have you done for me lately... Not realizing Beasley had one of the best freshman seasons of any freshman, yes better than Melo... So, YOU are an idiot if you rate Beasley 12 in your rankings...

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And Anthony Randolph too...

That dude is a beast...

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I'm not gonna rank all of those guys, but Rose should be at the top. I might still be drinking the Kool aid from his first playoff gme performance, but I think he will be the best pg in the league. Or at least right there with Paul and DWilliams.

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He will have a big year next year, maybe an all-star year. Dont give up on him, he is too good offensively to count out. He will just have to defend ALOT better than he has. And he hasnt rebounded nearly as good as he did in college. Im a huge Kstate fan and I watched all there games while he was there and he was a beast on the glass. Where did that go?

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Greg Oden

As Diop? Come on man, Greg already put up better numbers in his first year than Diop did in his first 3 years combined. Don't believe me? Look it up! Now, with that out of the way, here we go sports fan, and I am doing this by where I think their careers will end up, with situation taken into consideration:

1. Derrick Rose: The guy is a winner, and I think he will be the best point guard in the league in two years. I also think that he could be the rare point guard that is able to lead a team to victories.
2. Greg Oden: I have a feeling that 15, 10, 2 will not be all that Greg Oden will be averaging. He averaged 9, 7 and 1.2 in less than half of a game this year, and he was hurt for a majority of the season. I think Greg wins where ever he goes, and you can say that is due to who he is playing with, but, in Portland, he is playing with Brandon Roy, LaMarcus Aldridge, Rudy Fernandez, Jerryd Bayless, Nicolas Batum and Martell Webster. I see the team winning championships, and rings make a guy look pretty good. With a lack of true centers in the league and the strength, athleticism and desire to prove critics wrong that Oden possesses, I see great things on the horizon.
3. Kevin Durant: Yes, I am crazy, I will get negative points for rating him below Oden, but I can not give in just yet. Durant is putting up ridiculous numbers, he may win some scoring titles, but do you think Tracy McGrady is going to finish with a better career than Dwight Howard? You can already argue that Howard has accomplished more than McGrady in 5 years than he has in his whole career. I mean, last year he got out of round 2, this year, finals. McGrady has won a couple scoring titles, not gotten out of round 2 in 11 years! Now, that may be harsh, as it looks like Oklahoma City is building a team, but I am interested to see how it will turn out as they have 0 post game and that will establish everything. For even the best players in the league, it is very difficult to win without certain pieces, and we will see if Durant can do it.
4. OJ Mayo-Again, he will be a fantastic scorer in the league for years to come, and already taking the leadership role on a Memphis team that already had a great young talent in Rudy Gay. OJ was hyped more than anyone I had seen other than LeBron, even if he wasn't even necessarily the best player in his class, and I knew about him since he was 13. I also thought he did not necessarily tear up at USC (scored well, but as far as efficiency), but he impressed me in his rookie year, and I think he is just going to get better. Already getting the praises of his peers, and not only that, but it seems like he can play both sides of the court. I do not think he is a PG, as much as he would like to think so, but he will not have to be and makes a nice 2 guard.
5. Russell Westbrook: I think Russell will be an All-Star caliber player, and can play either guard position well. Had a great rookie year, despite poor shooting and a lot of mistakes, but he will get a lot better. He was a known stopper in college, and he has all the tools to do the same in the pros. His athleticism is elite and he has fantastic size and strength for a point. He had a game against the Blazers this year, where he just killed it, had like 8 offensive rebounds. That is pretty special, and he will be a guy that puts up solid stat lines, but his career depends on what OKC does these next few years.
6. Michael Beasley: The guy has the chance to be an elite offensive player, but his defense might keep him back. We will see what happens in Miami, if they get Chris Bosh, they could be a scary team, and it would make Beasley move maybe even higher up this list.
7. Blake Griffin: He is a monster, huge frame and great athleticism. But, I do not like where he is going, and think it could possibly lead to it impeding his development. I think his offensive game still needs a lot of work as well, expect a lot of dunks and very little outside of 8-10 feet.
8. Brandon Jennings: I think his incredible athleticism combined with his skill set will do great things in the league. Everyone talks about Rubio being a creative, but I honestly do not think he has anything on Jennings.
9. Eric Gordon: Much like Ben, except a better athlete, without the same incredible shooting stroke. He will put up numbers, but I see defense being a problem with his height, and winning being a problem with his being on the Clippers.
10. Brook Lopez: He had a rookie season that exceeded most peoples expectations, but I knew that on New Jersey he had a chance to shine. He has fantastic post moves and a great touch near the hoop, but I see his athleticism impeding his progress and I do not expect him to exactly put up ridiculous numbers the rest of his career. Really a lot depends on where his team goes, and with New Jersey, it is a question mark, unless they do still get LeBron (which does not look probable).
11. James Harden: He is a skilled guy, very much depends on where he goes, but will score in the league.
12. Al Horford: Big Al has made the play-offs both years in the league, and even if his injury riddled second year was somewhat of a let down, he should be a beast in the East for a long while with the way the Hawks are set up at this point.
13. Tyreke Evans: I see Reke doing some good things, I think he is very talented and has a skill set to even be much higher, but it is so situational. He impressed me in high school and with what he did last year at Memphis.
14. Ricky Rubio: He could be like a Calderon player, maybe even better, but it again is so situational. He has a lot of pro experience at a young age, but will that translate to him being the Hall of Famer in the making that people have made him out to be? Well, seems he has a ways to go.
15. Kevin Love: Can put up some monster numbers, and he has a basketball IQ probably higher than almost anyone on this list. An elite rebounder with a wide body and can be a bear on the low blocks. With that being said, I still think his athleticism, conditioning and defense could lead to major issues, and I think Minnesota is going to be a team with major issues.
16. Yi Jianlian: He seems like a bit of a disappointment at this point, but I still see a potential star player. He is a legit 7'1, has great athleticism, and in the right situation he could do great things.
17. Brandan Wright: Still a lot of untapped potential, and in an up tempo Warriors system he could be a solid PF.
18. Jeff Green: His numbers in his second year make this look ridiculous, but I still see some issues, especially if he is forced to play out of position, which seems very likely. But, I could be totally wrong.
19. Hasheem Thabeet: He is gigantic, has really nice athleticism for a guy as big as he is, and will block shots. That is all you ever hear about him, but it will more than likely be all he does. Incredibly raw.
20. Jordan Hill: All I hear is how NBA ready he is, and having seen him play a lot, I do not know if that is true. An ability to kill the Ducks and everyone in the undermanned Pac-10 last season does not just lead me to say he will be a star PF. He could very well prove me wrong also, and it is so situational.
21. Corey Brewer: Does not seem to even be on the Wolves radar, and having to play in the D-League last year, not off too a good start.

Again, this list is so hard to predict, and the guys that haven't been drafted could change it completely when they are called on the 25th. I usually love making lists, but I will admit that this one was very tough to put together.

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