I'm liking the Pacers

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I'm liking the Pacers

As bad as the Pacers have looked, they have regained control of this series. Their defense was fantastic and Hibbert is slowly but surely regaining his confidence and becoming a competent player again. As big of a struggle as it has been, I still see Heat Pacers in the conference finals. Pacers have home court and have worked through tough times. Still think the Heat will win, but I'm not counting out the Pacers. The year the Celtics won, they struggled throughout the playoffs until they dominated in the NBA finals. That team also almost lost to the Hawks in the first round of a 1 vs 8 matchup.

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they looked horrible

they looked horrible today.

they were fortunate the Wizards are even worse. just a horrendous showing of basketball. thank god the NFL Draft was on, because i couldnt take that chit anymore.

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Pretty sad when the Clippers

Pretty sad when the Clippers have as many points at halftime (63) as the Wizards had in a full game..

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I think they go where Hibbert

I think they go where Hibbert takes them. Is the overrated Hasheem Thabeet wannabe, 0 point 0 rebound Hibbert going to show up? Or the All-Star, 28 point 9 rebound Hibbert we saw in game one?

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