I'm going out on a limb here

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I'm going out on a limb here

After a few seasons in the NBA Aaron Gordon will prove to be a better pro than Andrew Wiggins

While I love Wiggins' athletism and potential, I can realistically see him struggling in the league and taking a major confidence hit ala Wesley Johnson...

Wiggins is going to have monumental amout of pressure on him beggining the second he is drafted, barring some crazy leap Aaron should go somewhere in the 8-16 range and should have lower expectations and no pressure to produce from the start, Both guys will be amazing athletes to watch on the fast break but I think AG will have a bigger impact in the areas that matter to a Coach/Team Success

Against popular opinion I think Gordon will make a coach and Gm very happy ni matter where he is taken, and I am starting to feel like he is going to make a bigger impact in the NBA than fellow highlight reel Andrew Wiggins

BTW I am prepared for the fallout to come...

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lol yeah, im confident this

lol yeah, im confident this wont happen.

Gordon doesnt have a position and cant shoot the ball at all.

i'll bump this in the future no matter the result.

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+1 purely for last sentence

Ya as with most and why this has limited (none) responses 20 minutes after your post probably shows people's disagreement. While I do not agree, I did mention Wesley Johnson earlier today (I made a horrible comparison) and he is defintiely a good case of comparison for any athletic wing coming out after 1 spectacular season.

1st. Wiggins will have an enormous amount of MORE pressure than Wesley.

2nd. Wesley played his first NBA game at 23....

3rd. Refer to 2nd.

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Well how bad will his "major

Well how bad will his "major confidence hit" be. Wesley Johnsons skills were not what they were projected to be, he was drafted on the potential to be a player he was not. Wiggins has NBA skills that he can bank on and an explosive athletisism not many people ever possess.

Gordon has a great deal of potential and is very young, maybe he puts it all together but he shot less than 50% from the line. Not only that he is 6'7 with a 6'11 wingspan and lacks perimeter polish. So now drafting him you say "Im going to develop his perimeter skills and face up skills so he has a physical advantage on the perimeter and a quickness advantage on the inside". The only problem is there is only so much time to develop when you are an NBA athlete offseason being the major time and now he has to develop his free throw shooting first and foremost.

It is very hard to develop your FT shooting thats why most pkayers fail. It takes alot of time and alot of shots and eats up time they could be developing his perimeter, post, face up skills.

This is why I would rather draft Noah Vonleh. Id rather draft a skilled guy with great size that has shown he will be a successful two way player.

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Aaron Gordon has no fluidity

Aaron Gordon has no fluidity on the offensive end. As a result, I think that it's a lost cause trying to develop him on that end.

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it's funny you compare

it's funny you compare wiggins to wes johnson becasue i actually think wes johnson is a great comparison for gordon. Freak athlete with questoinable offensive skills.

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This is ridiculous. Wiggins

This is ridiculous. Wiggins will not be a huge bust. He has elite athleticism and his ability to defend 3 positions alone will make him at least a solid pro. Wes Johnson was in school 4 years before he was seen as a top pick and it was evident that that was a stretch. At the very least, wiggins and Gordon have the same strengths in that they are elite athletes and play good defensive with the potential to be all nba defenders. But Gordon's current inability to do much else even respectably at the pro level puts Wiggins at an advantage. I think all this talk about expectations is hogwash. He's had these expectations since 8-9th grade at least. He got off to a slow start at Kansas but by no means did he fall flat on his face. He was still second team all American. I expect much the same next year from him. Only coo I give to AG is he will go to a better team and his flaws won't be as magnified. But I think both guys become very good nba players.

Rip255 (not verified)

Bit rough with all the negs. Guy said he was going out on a limb and backed his statement up with his justification. Shows that theres no point providing an alternative opinion on this site or you just get negged.

I like Aaron Gordon but cant agree with the statement. However if Aaron Gordon ends up being the best role player in this draft I definitely wouldnt be surprised.

And Wiggins isnt exactly 'cant miss'. Altho I love his athleticism at 6'8"

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Fallout? Are you losing

Fallout? Are you losing family members over this one?

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People are always railing on

People are always railing on posters for having unconventional opinions, but who's to say whose right or wrong when not one prospect has played a game yet

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I think Wiggins has both a

I think Wiggins has both a higher floor and a higher ceiling than Gordon. It'd take a strange turn for Gordon to end up an overall better player, IMO. A better rebounder, yes. Shotblocker, sure. I just think Gordon has such a long way to go on the offensive end, that a guy with a nice skill base, like Wiggins, has such a head start.

I like Gordon. His youth, and athleticism, plus a solid freshman season, for one of the youngest players in his class were great signs. That being said, finishing lobs, put bakcs, and pick and roll layups and dunks is about all I expect from him from an offensive standpoint for the first couple years.

Wiggins on the other hand can do a bit of everything and has the length and athleticsm necessary to be relatively successful right away, and very sucessful down the line.

I like Gordon more than many, and think he's a top 8 pick in this draft, but I like Wiggins more. Since we're going out on a limb here, my prediction for their 3rd year stats are....

Wiggins - 21.5 ppg 5.5 rpg 1.9 apg .9 bpg 1.2 spg

Gordon - 11 ppg 8.8 rpg .5 apg 1.7 bpg 1.4 spg

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Good post and I concur

I think that third year for Gordon and his projection should be similar to Kenneth Faried, maybe just a year or two delayed because of how much younger he is coming into the league. Guys with high motors ussually do progress the offensive skillset as they age because of how much work they put in in the summers. Faried took a big step forward this year in his offensive repetiore and I would think Gordon will eventually do the same.

A 11 and 9 year as a third year player is not at all a bad projection for a guy drafted 8-16 in any draft. It would put a guy in line to recieve about 7-10 million per season when his rookie deal is up ala other undersize motor power forwards with limited offensive traits, the likes of Kenneth Faried and Tristan Thompson, will get soon. It is surely a overpay at 9 and a solid deal at 6-7 million for those guys, but a pre 25 version of that guy is going to get 8 million per year from somebody when their rookie deals end.

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