Iguodala to GSW

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Iguodala to GSW

Its a big acquisition. Problem is, Barnes might be relegated to 6th man. Will this stunt his growth or is it for the better?

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The thing I like about Barnes

The thing I like about Barnes is that he can play the four too.

I don't think this will stunt his growth at all.

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Barnes will still play major

Barnes will still play major minutes in a sixth man role. Barnes is an intelligent guy I imagine he'll learn and grow a lot still...possibly even more so playing with an elite defender in Igoudala.

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Iguodala to GSW...thats kind

Iguodala to GSW...thats kind of a head scratcher.

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As a Warriors fan, I think we

As a Warriors fan, I think we overpaid for Iguodala but I still like the move. Anyone who watches the Warriors on a game by game basis knows that Klay Thompson is inconsistent. I actually like Iggy at the 2, Barnes at the 3, with Klay coming off the bench to provide a scoring punch. As much as I like Klay and as talented as he is, he gets lost on the floor when his jumpshot isn't falling.

At the end of the day the Warriors acquired a solid player who is still an elite defender and we were still able to keep ALL of our young core players. I like the move because it is win now time for the Warriors.

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Honesty if I was the coach

Honesty if I was the coach I'd knock Klay Thompson down to the 6th man, not Barnes. Klay is a great knockdown shooter that could come off the bench and light it up, someone like JR Smith/Jamal Crawford. Barnes is more of a well rounded player that does a little bit of everything that should be on the floor at all times.

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I play Barnes as my PF in

I play Barnes as my PF in 2k13. He's great at it, rebounds and stretches the floor really well. And if i've been taught anything in life it's that everything in video games is real and possible

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