Iguodala in Denver

What type of role do you see Iggy playing in Denver? What type of stats are you expecting to see from him? Do you think his teamates stats will be inflated or deflated by his presence, and the movement of Aaron Afflalo and Al Harrington?

Personally, I think he will have less time with the ball in his hands, since they have two quality points in Ty Lawson and Andre Miller. I still see him getting maybe 4 or 5 assists a game however, because he is great at creating for others. His rebounding is always pretty good, you can count on him for 5-7 boards a game. His defence will be even more relied upon in Denver, because they dont have a great wing defender. His scoring is the main facet of his game im not sure about in Denver. He may be the 2nd or 3rd option behind Lawson or Gallinari if they decide to increase their respective roles in the offence, or they may decide to make Iggy the man and run through him, but i think that is highly unlikely. I think a realistic number is anywhere from 12 to 18 ppg. I think he will only make his team better, because he is a hustle guy, a real gym rat. He is going to be a great influence on and off the court for young team like Denver. I think he is going to help get Gallo more involved, and he will pad Lawsons assists numbers, because he is a great athlete and you know they will be running the breaks and tossing lobs. I think his penetration will be what helps Lawson most, because outside of him last year, they didnt have a great penetrator, so he couldnt find a whole lot of open perimeter shots for himself, but I think with Iggy there he will be able to spot up a whole lot more. Javale wont have to worry about fouling all that much or having to try and salvage defensive possesions any more when guys get by the wing defenders because Iggy is debatabley the best perimeter defender in the league.

For what they gave up, Denver got a whole heap in return. They arn't a championship contender just with this move or anything, but they have certainly taken a great step in the right direction, now it all depends on what they do after this. The North West Division is pretty weak this year, outside of the Thunder, and perhaps Utah if they can off load some of there bigs for better guard play. Minny could be trouble if Rubio is healthy, but his timeline isnt defined yet, and Portland are going through major retooling. I can see a 50 win season out of this Denver team, especially with Iggy's presence.

What are your thoughts guys?

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I expect Iguodala's role to

I expect Iguodala's role to largely be the same as it was in Philadelphia. As you mentioned he won't be called on as much to create plays, but otherwise all his other numbers should rise. Iguodala was the best player on the Sixers which often got him drawing the other teams best defender, but that may not happen as much. Ty Lawson and Danilo Gallinari demand a lot of defensive attention as well which should benefit Iguodala. Plus the Nuggets like to run and with Ty Lawson and Andre Miller Iguodala should get a slew of easy baskets.

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Iguodala won't have to create

Iguodala won't have to create as much as he did in Philly but his role will be very similar. He will average 15, 6 and 4 a game and get back to the playoffs.

Its funny cuz LeBron called the 76ers "The Nuggets of the east" so Iggy goes to a very similar team

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