If your team needs a starting center for the next 10 years

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If your team needs a starting center for the next 10 years

Who would you draft out of the following bigs:

Alex Len
Steven Adams
Rudy Gobert
Gorgui Dieng
Jeff Withey

Who would you draft? Do you think your center of choice has the potential to become an all-star caliber center one day?

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Man I thought it will be

Man I thought it will be another Howard--Bynum--Cousins--Drummond thead..

I don't even know how much of those guys actually will be a legit starters

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These dudes at best role players len probably a starter But 10 years probably Gobert or Len

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I would lean towards Adams

I would lean towards Adams personally, because I feel he has more potential to be a 10/10 sort of guy and be able to defend his position properly, not just block shots. Because as it stands right now, Gobert will only block shots, he isnt strong enough to hold position in the post and his offensive game is limited to put backs. Len is going to be a end of the bench kinda guy imo, maybe a kousta kofous/ mosgov sort of bench centre, capable of playing 10-20 minutes easing the starting bigs, doesnt have starter in his future imo. gorgui will be in the same boat, bring solid defence of the bench, foul and give rest for starters. Withey will be a good rotation big, capable of rebounding and blocking shots, but i dont think he will ever be of a standard better then a 2nd string big. Adams has the highest potential with his combined skillset of size, agility/speed, and skill.

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Adams o Len

Adam or Len, starters, Withey is perfect for the bench.

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Rudy Gobert, he has great

Rudy Gobert, he has great intangibles and unbelivible unbelievable tools as a player, he just need to get more refine and improve aggressiveness and could be a superstar!

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Wny no Nerlens Noel?

Wish the OP would have included Nerlens Noel. With that being said I second what Kobyz said and I take Gorbert for the same reasons he stated.

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Noel is on another level

The only real question mark around Noel will be how he recovers from injury, not his skill level and projection as a player in the NBA.

The guys I'm asking about have bigger question marks, making it much more challenging for GM's to make a decision.

I for one am a big Adams believer. I think he could be a nice consolation prize for the teams that missed out on Drummond. He's big, defensive minded, likes to attack the offensive glass, sets good screens and picks and shows promise on his shooting form.

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Len. If you read about him

Len. If you read about him you will know he has a gymnastics background, which is why he is quite nimble. He also put on some 40 pounds at Maryland.
Nimble fluent big man, check
Hardworker, check

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I think Alex Len is the best

I think Alex Len is the best prospect and the good who looks like he can be a starter for the majority of his career. I think he can be a 14 or 15 ppg big man who can grab around 7 or 8 rebounds per game. He's a nice prospect and I'd compare him to Roy Hibbert, both in production and in style. They are both skilled, adequate shot intimidators and extremely long.

All that said, I think being 7' tall, strong and athletic shouldn't be underrated and that is why I think Adams could also be a starter in the league, not right off the bat, but down the line a few years. Omer Asik and Vucevic are both hauling in rebounds at a really high clip and when you look at Adams' size, and athletic ability he lines up very closely to those two players, and even Andre Drummond, although not quite as long. I think Adams could be a nice defensive anchor if you have some wing scoring, not to mention his jumper isn't broken, he has nice arch and rotation, he just needs reps. I think he could end up being a 65-70% free throw shooter in a couple years which is huge for a defensive big.

I think Jeff Withey is a guy who would thrive off the bench, in a role like Omer Asik used to play for Chicago right off the bat. Withey is an NBA level rim protector and an extremely high volume shot blocker. In a year or two I think he could also be a great 20-25 mpg backup, but I'm not sold on him being a full time NBA starting center. He'll excell in certain matchups, but get schooled in others. I think his rim protection is on a higher level than Dieng, but I only rank Withey over Dieng by a nose.

I view Dieng on the same teir as Withey, but Dieng isn't at an elite level as a collegiate rim protector. He's very good accross the board and I think Dieng will be a better rebounder, but I feel he'll fill the same role as Withey. Backup center or high minute backup for a team with two good centers. Kind of like what San Antonio used to do with Mohammad and Nesterovic ( just to clarify a little better ) Dieng reminds me of Mohammad to be completely honest.

Gobert's measurements are intriguing, but I don't know enough about him to really compare him to the other 4 in which I've seen a lot. He looks like a project on paper, but a guy with some legit upside.

I don't think any of the players listed are more than maybe a one time All-Star ( Len and Adams being at that level ) but I view them both as future NBA starting centers. I feel Dieng and Withey will be top level backups or key parts in a center by comittee strategy and Gobert is a guy I havent' seen in an actual game.

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I agree with Joe Wolf about

I agree with Joe Wolf about Withey. He will be a 20-25 minute guy in a role like Asik in Chicago.

The other think I like about Withey is not only the shot blocking but he changes and alters so many shots ( just like Henson and Ant Davis used to do ) It doesn't register as a stat but you would have to think his opponents fg% would be down when Withey comes flying at you....

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Great year for OKC to have a

Great year for OKC to have a late lottery pick

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all five of those guys could

all five of those guys could be washed out of the league in ten years, so I guess you go with pure upside and take Len.

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I'm a big Len supporter, and

I'm a big Len supporter, and think he could make an All star team in 3-5 years if they still had the Center position. JoeWolf's comparison to Hibbert is intriguing. He also reminds me of a lesser Yao Ming at times because of his face-to-the basket game and footwork.

Also Turgeon was horrible at utilizing Len. I saw quite a few Maryland games and was always noticed how little the guards included him.

Len would pick then roll, the guards wouldn't even try to hit him.

Len would pass the ball, then establish dominate post position- Wells wouldn't feed him again.

In the NBA even the most inept of PGs will hit a roller and feed the big men.

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IDK about starting for the

IDK about starting for the next ten yrs since I don't think any of them are starting caliber as soon as next yr, but I do think that Adams has the highest potential of the bunch. He might just become a rebounder and defender, but I think he has the potential to be an exceptional one because he has every single physical tool that is desired for a C. Length, strength, lateral quickness, recovery speed, quick leaping ability, etc. Most C's have to work to get to where he's at physically right now and this is just his starting point.
Len might have some 2 way potential because he does have skill, has length and moves fluidly but IMO his potential isn't as great as Adams' is as a rebounder/defender.
Adams has one of the highest ceilings in this draft.

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Fab Melo wont due

Celtics could have Sullinger and PJ3. Withey would fit fine.

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This is a great draft for

This is a great draft for backup centers. If you need a white center, this is your draft. The early Nineties Bulls teams would have LOVED this draft.

I actually like Len's potential. Withey can play and probably start eventually as a guy like Birdman without the tats (among other things).

Dieng is a good one. If he were a few inches taller he would be a top 10 pick.

I like Adrien Payne too as a third big man. He can make some starts too I think.

Plumlee looks like a guy with upside but he seems pretty raw. He offers size and big man depth though. If Tiago Splitter can start and play big minutes then this guy can too.

Lots of solid bigs in this draft. No legit superstar center, but then again, I don't think there are any legit superstar centers in the league now (Dwight Howard and Marc Gasol are the closest).

This draft offers some good value for bigs starting with the 5 through 10 picks.

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I would go with Gorgui Dieng even tho his age, i think he could be very good because he developed a little range that he could work on and his shot blocking is also very good.

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