if you won the lotto

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if you won the lotto

say you got 10 million after taxes, what would you do with your money? What would be some of your first purchases? Do you think you would spend wisely or be one of those people who losses it within 5 years? Where would you live? Would you retire or still work? What kind of new hobbies do you think you would get? WOuld you travel? etc...

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damnnn good ?... i would buy

damnnn good ?... i would buy a house the first thing, not to expensive, maybe around 500,000... next buy a nice ass car worth around 80,000 to 100 g's. next, save up for college, travel and shi+, maybe some for charity, making it rain at da club, gettin some &$#%#[email protected]! possibly, idk man, thats a lot of money

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Buy this website

Buy this website and employ some of it's users to be my scouts.

Seriously though, i'd split it into three, one for myself, one for savings and one for general costs.

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A lifetime supply of Four
  1. A lifetime supply of Four Lokos
  2. Prosti....Girlfriends
  3. Solid gold John Bryant statue
  4. A real life unicorn
  5. A slip n slide
  6. Mexico and/or Canada
  7. A Koala Bear
  8. Anthony Randolphs potential(just to prove to people that it does exist)
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