If you were the top high school basketball recruit, what college will you choose?

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If you were the top high school basketball recruit, what college will you choose?

This is about yourself. What are you looking for in the school that you're choosing? Education? Coaching staffs and facilities? History of the program? Close to home? Girls?

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If I'm a 5 star I'm going to

If I'm a 5 star I'm going to UNC or Kentucky. 4 star I'd go to Memphis. Anything else I'd go to some scrub school where I could be the man. Having a shot at a NC and improving draft stock would be most important if I was really that good. Otherwise, just a place where I could have fun and be the guy. Ladies would come regardless.

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Access to all the Jordan gear a hooper could imagine

Johnny Chill
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Kentucky, if I want to get paid.

Arizona, if I want to get laid.

Duke, if I was a PG, SG, SF

Kansas, if I was a PF, C

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Washington State University

Washington State University where i would &$#%#[email protected]! &$#%#[email protected]! and smoke weed.

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Well being from Canada where

Well being from Canada where it is cold it may be apart of my decision.

If i was a top recruit I would go to: Auburn -it would be cool to take a total football school and change the countries view of the program.

If i was a mid major i would go to: Gonzaga-good program but also ive always liked Seattle area in Washington. but Gonzaga is a better program.

If it was for education i would go to: Stanford when i went to california for a school trip i saw the campus and loved it and a very well known school for education

For close to home it would be:Montana haha closest to me

For girls it would be: Arizona State heard it was good haha

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I would go to Kentucky .

I would go to Kentucky . Academics come first and I believe that school has a good education system (Brandon Knight had over a 4.0 gpa is high school and he chose UK). Also, coach Cal will get you to the league and have you playing at your highest capabilities(While also giving you a little free rain to flourish your God given abilities). The NBA is the main goal for any top high school recruit and why not UK to help increase your chances of making the dream come true. UNC,Duke,Ohio ST to name a few others are great possible destinations.

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Kentucky......If Calipari can

Kentucky......If Calipari can get Josh Harrelson to the League..............C'mon man no competition.


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UM-miami, UCLA, arizona

UM-miami, UCLA, arizona

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Coaching staff. I would go to

Coaching staff. I would go to KState cause they're my favorite school, but I'd also look at UNC or OK State because they play styles that are wide open and really let good shooters shine.

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My basketball decision

would be Ohio State because I would play 38 minutes a game. Matta's bench is always full of guys that transfer because he won't play them at all. They are a football school, but, becoming a basketball powerhouse. They have the donors to support both. As a five star recruit that I imagine has a 6'8 240 pound kid from Akron with a 43 inch vertical, solid frame and the passing acumen of Magic Johnson. So I would stay close to home and go to Ohio State. Kentucky puts guys in the pros but is going to be crowded. Alot of people thought that Kyle Wiltjer would be coming out after his freshman campaign at this time last year. After the success Dirk had his projections would be at a all time high..... not so fast my friend. He ran into being outcompeted in practice by a bunch of good players and looks like a four year guy now.

It all depends on position though, Johnny Chill made a great point.

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I would go to Oregon

I mean, there are so many factors involved, but I think a lot of kids kind of just want to play at a certain school that they feels fits them. I went to University of Oregon and had a great college experience, so I definitely think it would be my choice. If not Oregon, I would look at UCLA or North Carolina, because I really liked both of those programs as well. Really, it is about where you want to go and where you feel you will fit in. Coaching is also very important, but that is also about fit as well.

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I visited ASU in my junior year of HS. You heard right.

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Not Duke

because Duke guys aren't athletic. Maybe to much homework but guys there seem to die athletically. Even Rivers as an example now. With Kryrie (questionable whether he can dunk and only played 11 games there)as a exception who lately has thrived from Duke.Top recruits go in and through some way or another actually come out overrated. Doesn't make sense. Seth Curry could have been a point guard and able to explore his game fully had he stayed at a small school, now he's a fringe NBA prospect and I wouldn't draft him. How have the Plumlee's improved. Kyle Singler, John Scheyer, Nolan Smith, Brian Zoubeck, Lance Thomas. Like youngdave said if Coach Cal can get Harrelson in the League then why cant Coach K get anybody in. Josh Mcroberts, Duhon, Greg Paulus all top of highschool class and peaked offensive in highschool. Same can be said for JJ Reddick who didnt get better from his freshman to senior seasons at Duke. Until he lifted weights and got strong enough to barely defend in the league he struggled. He was seen as a complete bust his first two to three years until he shook that Duke don't dunk rust off. What about Shalik Randolph billed as a complete player whose like McRoberts ability didnt elevate at Duke. I think highly of Coach K but he wants guys to stay four years and recruits and plateau's guys that way on purpose. Alot of coaches do it by making a dynamite player come off the bench and see spot duty to force him back a year.

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If I was the top guy? I am a

If I was the top guy? I am a PG so I'll pick Kentucky without much thought. Look what Calipari has done with Rose and Wall. My favorite school is Duke though so I am sure I might end up there. But I live in Georgia so I might chose Georgia Tech as well.

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Being biased I would choose

Being biased I would choose Northwestern in hopes of becoming the face of the program and taking them to their first NCAA tourney(unless Shurna leads them there this year) and remembered as a legend there and probably one of the greatest if not the greatest to go there. Not to mention you get a top 15 education.

Realistically speaking, I'd choose Kentucky though haha

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my top 5 colleges

1. UCLA- people forget about the NBA talent that's made it out of UCLA...

2. Kentucky- I was living there for a little while and the people are great and they love their College Basketball

3. Villanova- One of my favorite Big 5 colleges, Jay Wright is a great coach if you're a combo Guard like myself

4. Kansas- Kansas has a very good track record of producing NBA talent and they also love their College Hoops

5. Oregon- I have always loved their color scheme and I love the Portland and Seattle Area for cinematic/laid back reasons

Honorable mention-

Kansas State(I love Frank Martin and their jersey scheme)

Ohio State(close to home and an NBA hotbed)

Arizona-(no team produced NBA talent like Arizona, that's change over the years but they are still one of favorite schools)

Pitt/West Virginia(Big East ties, close enough to home to consider them)

UConn/Duke/UNC/Syracuse(No brainer high profile colleges that I don't like really)

Also any bigman should want to play for George'Town , they have a great track record developing C's(Pat Ewing,Zo,Moutombo, Hibbert and Monroe to name a few)

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If your a top rated player

If your a top rated player trying to head to the league than Kentucky may be your place to head.

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if you're not a one n done

Most players aren't immediately looking to go pro, and want a program where they can hone their craft for 4 years. And when you think in terms of that, you need a coach that you get along with and respect.

I really like Coach Crean in Indiana, he seems like a great guy who knows how to coach. And the energy there seems fantastic.

I also like Bob Huggins in West Virginia. I know he's kinda sleazy, but he seems funny and gets a lot out of his average athletes.

I've always liked Coach Beilein, has a good system and emphasizes character over natural talent.

I would have put Ben Howland on this list, but it turns out that he SUCKS and doesn't give two s***s about his team or players as individuals.

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I would pick Kentucky

1st place: Kentucky is THE basketball school right now.

The Big East is the best basketball conference but why would you want to get your brains beat in during the regular season?

For a fundamentally sound guy who could go pro after 4 years then Indiana seems like fun. Hoosier hoops is back and they have a great history there. For the right kind of player IU would be in the top two in this list. For guys with flair and big time NBA talent then I would put IU behind UK, Duke, UNC, Memphis, and Texas.

3rd and 4th would be Duke and North Carolina. The best basketball state and two of the best basketball programs ever. Both teams send guys to the league and make deep tourney runs every year. If you go to Carolina or Duke you will also get good coaching plus a good education.

5th place: University of Memphis: a real basketball town with a great NBA arena to play in. A great fan base with good crowd support. U of M has a track record of turning top high school players into pro players with a couple (Rose, Penny) turning into superstars. Plus, Elliott Perry, Tyreke Evans, Shawne Williams and Elliott Williams with Will Barton being the next guy to make the leap. Memphis had some great Final Four teams in 1973, 1985, and 2008 with some other memorable teams led by Penny Hardaway and then Lorenzen Wright a few years later. A great program with a storied history, sort of an underdog reputation, an NBA arena in a big city, and we are going to the Big East which will give lots of exposure to talented players.

My sixth place team to go to would be UT-Austin. Great college town, a top notch public university and a very solid basketball program that good players can get good numbers in.

7th place: Michigan State. One of the best coaches in the business. You can learn basketball fundamentals there and have a very good shot at making a deep tourney run or even a Final Four run. But, it is cold up there so for that reason I have it behind UT Austin (UT Austin also does a better job at churning out NBA guys).

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It's impossible to say where

It's impossible to say where I would go because I don't know all the details about how much PT I would get, and I also don't know any of the coaches. But if I get an equal amount of PT everywhere and I like all the coaches equally, I would probably go to Memphis. They play in an NBA arena and have some of the best facilities in the country, they have NBA scouts at every game, they have great atmosphere at every game, they have a very good track record at getting guys pro, I would get to play pickup games with some of the Grizzlies and other pros in the off-season, and they are my favorite team. I would also consider Indiana, Kansas, Syracuse, Arizona, and Michigan State. I guess the most important factors for me though would be PT(if I'm the top player in the country I better be getting playing time), relationship with coaching staff, and atmosphere at games(I wouldn't want to go to a football school where the arena is half empty every game).

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If I'm a top recruit

best coaches and best environment for me to grow as a player. Also......SHOW ME THE MONEY

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Top recruit?

If you are one of the top prospects in the nation then Kentucky would be the first choice. When you are a top prospect you can talk about education all you like, but top guys need to have an NBA right away. It is different for football because those student-athletes are required to be in school for three years (unless someone goes to a prep school for a year). Kentucky pumps out draft prospects year after year and Calipari's system offers players some free reign. The only way you do not choose Kentucky, IMO, would be if you were like Quincy Miller making a decision, saw MGK had already committed and Terrence Jones chose to return to school so he wouldn't be a starter.

If that were the case, I would consider a Pac-12 school because those 12 schools are considered big-time schools. Also, there is no clear-cut favorite to run roughshod through the Pac-12 the way that other conferences seem to have an established hegemony. I would probably go with USC or UCLA because those teams are in Los Angeles and I might get more exposure. But if I am a top-5 prospect I am going to choose Kentucky unless my position is crowded.

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