If you were Anthony Davis...

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If you were Anthony Davis...

Would you take the security of a max contract with New Orleans or wait out the rookie deal (Still 6-7m a year) and sign as a max for slightly less money elsewhere.

Remember the salary cap rules off players coming off rookie deals where they made allstar/all nba teams means they can earn a little more regardless of where they go.

If I was him, I'd leave....He can go anywhere he wants. He'll be a marketing machine and to be fair New Orleans isn't exactly the best franchise.

The other options are to stay and make more money and stay with Pelicans, or demand a trade.

So I ask again, what would you do if you were Anthony Davis?

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New Orleans has good young

New Orleans has good young perimeter players. Many don't think Holiday, Evans and Gordon can all co-exist but if they put it together they could be a tough group to stop. With Davis holding down the paint on defense they should be a playoff team sooner than later. Now if he can go somewhere and play with another Superstar perhaps he should consider it but New Orleans has a bright long as he decides to stay.

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I don't know if the nagging

I don't know if the nagging injuries got to Gordon or not, but he isn't that physical guy I seen coming into the league that was very aggressive. He can get to the rack but I don't see the same Gordon that was a bit of a bully with a little blur.

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Oh yay. Another person who

Oh yay. Another person who doesn't know what restricted and unrestricted free agency means.

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If he signs the Qualifying Offer at the end of his rookie deal.

If he signs the Qualifying Offer at the end of his rookie deal he would be able to go were he wants after that year. It would just mean it would take a extra year.

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Oh yay. Another person who

Oh yay. Another person who doesn't understand the CBA. A qualifying offer means he enters unrestricted free agency.

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He just finished his 2nd

He just finished his 2nd season, he is in NO for at LEAST 3 more seasons

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Seven Years

He will do his seven years, like all the other superstars, while he is restricted. And then leave for a big market.

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I will stay at the

I will stay at the pelicans....

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The Pelicans need a coaching

The Pelicans need a coaching change. Monty Williams is an assistant, not a head coach.

I actually think Mike D'Antoni would be a GREAT fit with this roster. The Pelicans still have a hole at small forward, but can you imagine what D'Antoni could do with Holiday/Evans, Gordon, ???, Anderson and Davis? That team would lead the league in scoring. With the right defensive scheme, they can be good with Davis being the defensive key.

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