If you are the bobcats with the first oveall pick and your jordan who do you take??

if im the bobcats im goin with aint davis because kemba is gonna be a deff starter next year hes a scoring point guard and ypu have to pair him up with bigs who are good at rebounding and if im the bobcats who else but ant davis hes long and athletic and protects the rim almost 5 blocks a game 14 ppg 9.9 rebs and 4.9 block and hes only 18 great start to pair him up with kemba n him rebuilding together

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The Mavericks’ hope is that a

The Mavericks’ hope is that a new core group, including at least two and possibly three new starters, will take the latter approach. Nowitzki could help but be disappointed as he saw his team miss out on key free agent targets and also fail to bring back Jason Kidd and Jason Terry from the championship team. At the same time, as he saw the new pieces fall into place, he found reasons to be optimistic.

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