If Wizards keep the pick

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If Wizards keep the pick

If the Wizards decide to hold onto the pick and opt against trading to dump salary or a potential blockbuster amare type deal, who should the Wiz take? I feel like if he's still on the board you have to take Harden, as a Wizards fan I will have an EXTREMELY tough time watching games if Deshawn Stevenson is our starting 2 guard. I think Harden would be great at the 2 spot with Nick Young hopefully growing into a JR Smith type role off the bench. But guys like Jordan Hill and Steph Curry could be good options also, what do you think?

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Harden the best choice, but i wouldnt be against Jordan Hill

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Agree...Harden is the pick

Agree...Harden is the pick if he is available. Curry would be the 2nd option. I just don't see Hill helping out the least not next year. Rubio would be a no-brainer if he happens to fall to #5 which he could.

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They need help up front. No

They need help up front. No big men are worth #5 except Hill, who I'm not very big on and is a very slight reach at #5. They don't need Curry (another shoot first point guard), and Rubio will not fall. Someone will trade up to 2 or 3 to take him. My guess is Harden if he were there, but I see Oklahoma City taking him. That's the whole reason they're looking to trade, right? I'm guessing Hill if they keep the pick.

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No one seems to have them real high on a PG, but Arenas is a combo guard, so why not a true PG or even better another combo guard? It seems there are a lot of players likely available, not just Harden who I agree would be the best fit, who could push Stevenson to the bench (or at least be the first guard off the bench) and be a good fit for the Wiz.

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Either Harden, or Hill.

Either Harden, or Hill. harden, first choice and if their both gone take Curry.

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