If washington takes Rubio and Arenas is healthy

Does Rubio start over Arenas? I say no. It seems people are sold on this kid Rubio already. I dont think washington needs him if Gilbert is at full strength by the end of the summer. They might pick him up and maybe trade him because Arenas is tough to trade with that contract. If Washington selects Rubio should they keep him or trade him?

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Move Arenas to shooting guard

Move Arenas to shooting guard

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Will he except that move though

Arenas is used to handling the ball. He also has an ego. It won't be that simple. You think Gibert will step away from having the ball for a 18 year old kid. Won't be that simple

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Have Arenas teach Rubio for a year or so then ship off Arenas if possible and get another team need.

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It'll be better if he doesn't have to start right away and they can move Arenas to the 2 spot when Rubio comes off the bench or rest him so Rubio will get his minutes. I think Washington should trade this pick for something if they are sure Arenas will be full strength. Then again, he is getting older.

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how good is rub guy

i keep reading about him. but in the east next year he has to guard some quality point guards d.rose rondo d.harris, j.nelson, j.calderon,

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he plays GREAT defense and

he plays GREAT defense and its not like if they move arenas to the 2 guard spot he wont get the ball/handle the ball as much cuz rubio is a true point guard that sets up others and makes them better not the scoring point guards we see today

it definitely could work out

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I expect Washington to trade

I expect Washington to trade the pick. No way Rubio and Arenas will work out.

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trade arenas to the heat for Moon, !st rounder in 2011, & Beasley

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Why would the Heat do

Why would the Heat do this?Beasley was the number 2 pick last year 1st team all rookie. Wade and Arenas both are undersized SG/PG hybrids who score and shoot alot and want the ball. Then you wasted the chalmers pick. Bad move!

I like Nick Young too he could grow into a good player.

Trade Gilbert for an inside presense. Maybe a Boozer or Bosh or someone. Maybe a Center someone, draft Rubio trade the injury plagued Arenas.

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Arenas wants to win and he has a better chance to win with Rubio in the starting line-up. Didn't he take a cheaper contract last year so that Washington could sign some better players? His ego couldn't be so big that he wouldn't move positions to make the team better.

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Arenas will never be the

Arenas will never be the player he once was. His quickness and exspolsiveness is all but gone. Who gives a player 111 million coming off of not 1 but 2 knee surgeries, not to menchin he has a 3rd. Arenas will be an 18 to 20ppg. player at best. He's never been a high% from the field and does really play any d. I don't think the move is to trade the pick because you have so much money tied up in jamison(who earns his check) and arenas. I think they will draft big becuase I see javalle Mcgee playing the four. He can shoot with good range and has a great handle for a seven footer. He's not mechanical at all, runs the floor. You don't want him to take a beating he won't hold up. That's what they do to talented big men such as KG pau gasol dirk lamarcus aldrige etc. not saying he is or is in the catagorie with these players he just has the same skill set and body type. they need to have played nic young and Andre blatche more to find out if they are starters or bench players. If they think blatche is a starter then the pick to me would be earl Clark to come in and play the 3 and sliding to the four to get nic young and caron butler on the floor. Rubio will struggle ajusting to the NBA not saying he won't be good he just won't be good for 2 years and you still would have to pay arenas becuase no one will tuch his contract. Maybe the bobcats but the only players you want are okafor,raja bell and dj Augustine. Gerald Wallace is not a good fit for the wizards. They will have to move antwan jamison at some point but they shouldn't let go of him until they know exactly what they have so they know what they need. Probaly mid season or next season. I think those are the options they have to way and have got a late start on by not playing for the future when they had no shot to contented for a few years although being solid. this is what a bad 111million dollar investment will do to a franchise.

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no he plays ok defense (ive seen 9 of his games none of which were olympics)..he has problems with quick athletic guards and one on one situations with these guards which hes shown the past couple of years when hes matched up in man to man and he has to check a american guard

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good question

This is a difficult question. Arenas is a proven all-star and a excellent scorer one of the best in the nba. Injuries is what always hurts him and since he is the best player on the Wizards it hurts his team. Rubio performed well in the Olympics and it seems if you pass on this guy he will haunt you for years to come. Theres a choice of either a trade or start them along side each other by moving arenes to the shooting guard position. not knowing how the chemistry would be with the two, a trade would be the best opition for the Wizards.

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if you guys think they would give arenas up for

if you guys think they would give arenas up for an unproven euro league player you guys are not real basketball fans Ok arenas has been hurt you make it seem like its a new injury every year its the same knee injury that he has really let heal this season and will be coming back with something to prove and also there not gonna take Rubio that kid doesn't impress me every time i see him he's throwing a pass a 8 year old can make there is nothing he does better then Gilbert and he will never live up to the hype people placed on this kid then everyone is gonna be screaming bust. there is no doubt he has some potential but he will never be as good as Nash, cp3, d will, Derrick Rose , Tony Parker , Jason Kidd and guys of that caliber because 1. he is not athletic he is a 6'4 twig cant jump no lateral speed 2 .he has not proven he could score and 3. not to down the euro league but there players are two slow and take longer to get adjusted to the speed and athletic ability of the players in the NBA and for Rubio with all the point guards in the NBA are getting faster and even more athletic and it will be hard for him to match up.

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Nick Young

Call me crazy but I think Nick Young has great skills...I like him alot. He has swag and he will be an all-star 2 guard in the future, just watch. Everybody seems to think they need to draft a 2 guard or switch Arenas 2 2-guard. Nick Young is going to man that pretty soon when he rounds out his game. They should run a Princeton style offense like Eddie Jordan used to if they want the best results. That offense makes up for a lack of a true point. I think they should draft a swingamn though, because they are spending their picks on big men too much and I dont see them doing that again

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Arenas will not be traded.

Arenas will not be traded. I am pretty sure in his contract he has say so on where he can go and none of the places he would want to go can make that move. i believe with Rubio height playing them together will work. Arenas was never a player that relied solely on speed so having someone set him up for shots would help him out.

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Man delete this dumb a##

Man delete this dumb a## thread... Arenas aint comin off no damn bench.

If they draft him Arenas will play the 2 like he did w/ Antonio daniels.

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