If Wade and Lebron say no to the Bulls then

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If Wade and Lebron say no to the Bulls then

...Here is what I would like to see my Bulls do.

A. Keep it Derek Rose's team.
B. Sign David Lee(he will be cheaper than Bosh,Amare, and Boozer)
C. Sign Joe Johnson
D. Send Deng and Hinrich and cash or their 17th pick to Memphis for Rudy Gay in a sign and trade.

Starting 5.


Bench-Gibson, Miller, James Johnson, Law, Pargo, and other free agents.

The Bulls can use their 17pick in the first round to draft the best athletic defensive ability having big guard available. Barring it is not used in the proposed Memphis scenario.

Tell me the Bulls can't do that shit. This way the Bulls get an upgrade and can compete. Noah is improving, Lee would be an instant fan fave(white boy factor) but a hard worker as well. R. Gay is most def an upgrade over the soft Deng. Rudy slashes and attacks the rim hard and he plays okay defense. Joe can just spot up and not have the pressure of being the man. Derek will be the undisputed leader of the Bulls.

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i like it

it sounds like sumthing that could actually happen

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