If Rubio falls to Number 3...

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If Rubio falls to Number 3...

There has been a lot of talk that Rubio may fall to the Thunder at pick #3 if the Grizzlies take Thabeet to give them some size they desperately need. The Thunder could draft Rubio and play Westbrook off the ball, but I believe that they have stated that he is their PG of the future. Keep in mind he is still very young and performed much better than most expected at PG this year for them. My question is this: If Rubio falls to #3, what would the Kings give up to take Rubio since they so badly need a PG?

Would something along the lines of #4 pick, Thompson/Hawes for #3 pick and Collison/Krstic work out for both teams?

The Thunder could then draft Harden and have a deep core with

Krstic/#25 pick

It would also give Sacramento a face of the franchise and a good young core with Rubio/Martin/ and Thompson/Hawes

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memphis is jammed at center. we were hopin for a pf like griffin, so now they'll take rubio. bla bla, they have conely, bla bla, who cares? look at chicago, rose, hinrich? so? they'll have incredible depth at pg with rubio.

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Thabeet going at 2

Memphis is definetly lookin for size....i doubt they'll resign Mihm this summer....Haddadi is prolly gonna get waived or traded.....they are lookin for someone to play alongside Gasol...even before the draft, Grizzlies were sayin they were lookin for a frontcourt player.......i think they'll take a chance on Thabeet....they got a good thing goin with Mayo and Conley.....

Clippers are hopefully gonna draft Griffin (im prayin they dont do what they did with Olowakandi).....the only way they'll trade up is if a case like Toronto givin up Bosh and #9 pick for Randolph and #1 pick comes up.....i doubt that'll happen...Toronto isnt that stupid to take on Randolph even though Griffin has amazing potential....Colangelo would never do that....

also if the Clips get Griffin, i think they'll have to trade Kaman or Camby....Griffin needs solid mins....the kid's gotta of them has gotta go....i can see Kaman, Mardy Collins, Ricky Davis, and Cash considerations for TJ Ford and Jeff Foster of Indiana.....Zach Randolph is stayin put.....nobody wants that kinda contract.....

and ur right .....Rubio will go to suggestion to OKC is trade him to Phoenix.....this was part of the plan bac when everyone thought Wizards were gonna get Rubio.....they know Nash is leavin nex year, most likely to sign with New York...especially when he has a condo in NY and his relationship with the coach....he'll prolly back up Steph Phoenix is lookin for someone to replace Nash and Rubio is the perfect fit....most likely i can see Nick Collison and #3 pick Rubio going to Phoenix for Amare and 14 they can get a solid PG that can back up Westbrook....Amare + Durant = playoffs....and Phoenix can always sign players to fill the void of Amare....someone to play alongside Collison...

Sacramento is takin Jordan Hill.....and the Kings are most likely gonna sign Nate Robinson is the summa.......PG problem solved.....Harden aint goin to the Kings cuz they really dont need a SG.....Martin is backed up by Garcia.....good enough at SG.....Harden is goin to the the backcourt with Arenas.....

i can see Minnesota tradin up their 6th pick to Toronto for #9 pick, Jason Kapono, and possibly Nate jawai......Toronto will then get Derozen for sure.....gettin rid of Kapono is smart especially when they are tryin to rebuild the players in their wing position from scratch.....and i think Gortat is gonna get signed by the Raps and back up no need of Jawai....Minnesota could waive him if they want....also i dun think they care whether they get the 6 or 9 pick...they'll still get a solid player in the ninth pick of someone like Earl Clark or Evans......thing is raps are really lookin for someone that can play the 2/3 and Derozen fills that role....

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this guy's like 7'2 and he's only 24 years old. he's got international experience and he's been in the pro-league somewhere in central asia. he's been playing in the pro-league since 1999...since he was 15 years old!!! thabeet only started playing when he was 15. he's also a winner, he's racked up a couple of medals in his international career. i'm not saying haddadi is going to be a star in this league, but i think he can help with his size in the paint. given more minutes, i think he can get 2 blocks and double-digit rebounds, same things you'd want thabeet to bring to the table.

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about Haddadi

hey man, im jus lookin at the it really workin out for him in Memphis?.......mid-way in the season, they assigned him to the D-league.....i mean you can say the same thing about Nate Jawai of the Raps.....he had great potential too and a star in the Australian team...but jus hasn't worked out with the raps......

i think by now Memphis and Haddadi's agent are talkin about a possible trade (especially after the D-league stint)......and like most international players, they would wanna play for big-populated areas....possible trade with NY.....back up to David Lee.....

another thing i wanna add on why Rubio is not gonna get picked at 2........remember when Memphis took a chance on Navarro.....where is he now? lol.......Rubio will not like playin in a place like offence.....and he's gettin much bigger offers if he plays in the NBA nex season, then he wants to play for either an already good team (a playoff calibre team like Phoenix) or a city with a high population......which means NY, cities in the east coast, or any of the teams in Cali......therefore i see Memphis not takin the risk and goin with Thabeet....

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I was really excited when I heard a team had drafted someone with iranian blood. I myself have am partly iranian decent and see the possibility could be endless. I was disappointed to see that someone so new to this country was sent to the d-league, I don't know the full extent of his skill level but I think he should have been given a fare shot. I think the problem is Mark Gosal can only play centre and that leaves no room for Haddadi. Trade Haddadi and Darko to Atlanta or the L.A. Clippers. Atlanta needs shot blocking capabilities and Memphis could have Cambie on the bench and Randolph could start a where both sides win.

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about Minnesota

yea, i understand....probably Jawai ain't a good idea.....

In my opinion, this should be Minnesota's 2009/2010 lineup:

AlJefferson > Brian Cardinal > (S) Jeff Pendergraph
Kevin Love > Craig Smith > (S) Kris Humphries
Ryan Gomes > Rodney Carney > Jason Kapono > (S) Corey Brewer
Randy Foye > Tyreke Evans > Mike Miller
Telfair > Eric Maynor
(S) = not in 12-man squad

Waive Bobby Brown....dont resign Kevin Ollie......both aren't good enough to back up Telfair.....and WAIVE MARK MADSEN....the guy's garbage....why would anyone want him on their team....there was a time when he was a solid backup...not for Sheldon Williams, don't resign point....Craig Smith is doing a good for Collins, i think he's lost his touch.....i wouldnt resign him.....wouldn't help the T-Wolves....the only thing good about him is his height.....but you can get a draft pick at that can produce the same numbers as him....resign Rodney Carney....

the only picks the T-Wolves need is a "top ten pick" , #18, and one second round pick.....word is they wanna get rid of their #28 not surprised cuz THEY DON"T NEED IT....... listen, if the T-Wolves had a top 5 pick, they would have taken Harden....u can forget about that now cuz most likely the Wizards are gonna take the 6th pick is useless to the T-Wolves....IT DOESN"T MATTER WHICH PICK YOU HAVE FROM are gettin a good player either way.....Harden, Hill, Rubio, Thabeet, and Griffin are the only five players in this draft who are gonna be solid players in the league....players that we know for sure are gonna be beneficial to their respective teams....from pick 6 onwards, its all based on POTENTIAL.....they have potential to be great, but we don't really know how it'll play out....this happens every draft.....ask any team scout, they'll tell you anything can happen from picks 6-20......its all over the place this year.......

.with Crawford most likely gettin shipped, GS are definelty gonna get Jennings.....and Curry is set to becomin a Knick......what Minnesota really need is a solid backup my opinion, Derozen is more of a wing player....and no offence, but Gomes, Carney, and Brewer is more than enough for T-Wolves......they need a solid SG....someone exciting like Evans.....could be the perfect 6th man......he'll be an excellent compliment to Foye....Derozen could really help out the Raps cuz they got nothing for a wing player......#9 Pick, Jason Kapono, and Kris Humphries for #6 and #28 of the T-Wolves would be good on both teams........the T-Wolves are 23rd in 3pt shootin......Kapono is 43% from the 3pt line....therefore, he could work out with the T-Wolves rotation.....can give you a solid 10ppg, given more mins....and is a key player in the post-season...that is if T-Wolves can manage to sneak into the playoffs.....he's a 2/3 player......may not even have to be in the rotation....might end up going with Brewer....Kapono could come into the 12 man squad if someone gets injured, which seems to be the case with the T-Wolves most of the of all, the T-wolves can afford his contract.....they don't have too much commitments....more than enough cap for Kris Humphries, i am guessin he would be a fan favourite....grew up and was a star in Minnesota back durin his college days.......could be a solid backup in the 4......the T-Wolves should pick Eric Maynor with the 18 pick....he's a solid back up to Telfair......good size and quick....i think he's exactly the kind of person the T-Wolves are looking for as a back up to Telfair......i think Maynor should go in the 15-20 pick area....should be available for the T-Wolves to pick up......if he's gone by then, then draft Patrick Mills....or Lawson.....

and hey, with the 45 pick and 47 them both....honestly Minnesota doesn't need them...its pointless.....also Detroit doesn't need their 39 pick when they got 36 and 44......Minnesota should trade their 45 and 47 picks to Detroit for their 39 .....and at 39, they should draft Jeff Pendergraph.....he can play the 4/5 ...can fill in if someone gets injured....very active in the paint and a solid rebounder.....

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RUBIO WILL GO EITHER 1 OR 4....he will not want to go to Mem or OKC.

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It's sad when a player gets to control who drafts him.

That being said a team would be better off drafting him and trading him to another team.
This way they might get something for their trouble. Cash considerations in this time of cash strappped owners cannot be overlooked. Look at what PHX did the last couple of years, trading away both Rodrigues and Fernandez to Porland for cash. That's essentially selling the pick and nothing else.

If Memphis or OKC is smart they would draft him given the chance and trade him to get something + something. If they had to.

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