If OJ Mayo isnt an all star this year, I dont know who is

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If OJ Mayo isnt an all star this year, I dont know who is

OJ has been absolutely cold-blooded this entire game, hes got 23 points, and no two were bigger than that huge guarded jumper he just nailed in Telfair's face... This game has been really exciting and its intriguing to see how solid Mayo has become as a go-to scorer...It will be interesting to see how well he will mesh with Dirk...Dallas has a lot of nice complimentary pieces but they are def. missing dirk's O

mayo's season averages BTW are 19.7 ppg, 3.6 rpg, 3.4 apg, 51% 3PT shooting

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Yes his stats are nice but

Yes his stats are nice but his team isn't winning, we all know that good players put up monster stats on terrible teams( look at Tyreke Evans rookie year where he was te first and second option, Chris bosh, etc.). Look how long it took Kevin love to get an all Allstar spot. He deserves a spot but he most likely wont get one but I would like to see orange juice mayonnaise in the 3 point shootout

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And what exactly is Mayo

And what exactly is Mayo doing that other guards in the West aren't?

What's he doing better than Kobe, CP3, Harden, Westbrook, and TParker. All guards that I assume will be the All-Star guards.

By all means, Mayo is having his best season of his career but I don't think he's an All-Star.

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Monta Ellis has put up better

Monta Ellis has put up better stats across the board and has never made it

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OJ Mayo has made an

OJ Mayo has made an impressive comeback and has more confidence now, but he's no All Star this year

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His team needs to do well,

His team needs to do well, that's why guys like varejao and Irving won't make the team.

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Kobe vs Mayo

who ever has a better record going in to all star game should get a reserve spot!

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Mayo has improved as a

Mayo has improved as a player. His shot selection has improved and I feel like he's playing more within the flow of the offense. He's re-gained his confidence in his shooting, which is the big difference in his game.

I still don't think he's an All-Star though when you look at the other guards in the West. I also want to see how he plays once Dirk returns and he has to play off of a superstar.

Regardless, I think Mayo is going to play his way into a long term contract extension with the Mavs, which is great for him.

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can they even resign him within the rules though?

i think he has to test the waters now tbh

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Mayo has had a really nice

Mayo has had a really nice season so far, should be in the top 10 for SG in the league but like others have said he is behind a few other guys for an All-Star spot.

Chris Paul, Kobe, Westbrook, Harden and Parker are all ahead of him at this point and I would argue that Stephen Curry is as well (19.1 PPG, 6.6 APG, 1.8 SPG, 42 3-PT%, 90 FT% on a good Warriors team)

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A few examples of some

A few examples of some players in a similar situation to Mayo - Monta Ellis averaged 25 ppg in a year but didnt make it. Kevin Martin averaged 23-24 ppg 3 times and didnt make it. Last year J-Smoove averaged 18 and 9 and didnt make it. Jason Richardson averaged 23 ppg twice and didnt make it. Corey Maggette averaged 22 ppg 3 times and didnt make it. S-Jax averaged 20 ppg 4 times and never made it. Ben Gordon averaged 21 ppg twice and didnt make it. A year or two ago Eric Gordon played in almost every game pre-all star break and averaged 24 ppg and didnt make it. The thing they all had in common, they were all the best or second best (Joe Johnson scored more than J-Smoove) scoring option on their team, but their teams were not good enough to justify putting them in and also the voters and coaches saw them as only scorers. J-Smoove however isnt just a scorer and got robbed last year, plus the Hawks were good, but that's beside the point. I think it will be hard for Mayo to get in. James Harden is also in a similar situation but he is a better player than most of these guys, averaging more points (plus he is a very popular player now), so he will likely get in.

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