IF the NBA were to add two more teams

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IF the NBA were to add two more teams

If the NBA were to add two more teams what cities would you like to see get a team? Here are mine

Kansas City- Missouri has two baseball teams, two football teams and not one NBA team. I'd like to see one there. Could put it close to the airport and call it the Kansas City Flyers

Las Vegas- Imagine a pro team here with all the gambling that goes on already. The name for them I don't really know yet and would have to think on it.

other nominees

Seattle, Louisville, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, St. Louis

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Pittsburgh Penii and the New Jersey Jenitals

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Pittsburgh, Seattle, Kansas

Pittsburgh, Seattle, Kansas City, Las Vegas, would all be great places. Maybe the Las Vegas High Rollers would be a good name.

  • For Seattle, I could see a rebirth of the old Sonics that used to be there.
  • Pittsburgh(I have no idea what the name would be)
  • KC, I think the Flyers is a little lame for name in my opinion. I could see a rebirth of the old Royals team that used to be there a long time ago.
  • I don't know if the NBA needs two teams in Missouri (KC and St. Louis) We already have two in LA about to have 3, and we are about to have two teams in New York with the Nets moving to Brooklyn soon. I think LA and New York are enough for two in state teams.
  • Luisville is a great college town but I'm not quite so sure how it would work out in the NBA and besides their is already one team in Tennesee. (Memphis) again why would the NBA need another one when LA and New York already going to have two (or more with LA.)

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Vancouver for the West,

Vancouver for the West, Pittsburgh for the East and Seattle in general.

Dale Worthington
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Kansas City and Seattle like

Kansas City and Seattle like you said.

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How about trying to expand it

How about trying to expand it outside of the borders and have a mexican and another canadian team...

other than than Las Vegas Rollers

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