"If I were Commisioner of the NBA" (An article by Frank Layden written in January of 1997)

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"If I were Commisioner of the NBA" (An article by Frank Layden written in January of 1997)

As an avid Jazz fan I found this article on the Jazz website where Frank Layden, retired coach of the Jazz, suggested what he would do if he were NBA Commissioner and correctly predicted that there would be two additional teams added to the NBA. One in Brooklyn (The New Jersey Nets) and one in Oklahoma (The Thunder.) He also said a few other things that I though were pretty interestings including some rule changes and different way to add women to the NBA game.

Frankly Speaking
If I Were Commissioner of the NBA
by Frank Layden

If I were commissioner of the NBA...

I’d put another team in New York, specifically in Brooklyn. That would give us 30 teams. I think it would be a great rivalry between the Knicks and the team in Brooklyn, who we will seek a name for. (The Brooklyn Basket Cases — That might be a good name for them.) But I would put a team in Brooklyn. That would be a hilarious name, the Brooklyn Basket Cases. I'm glad they stuck with the Nets It suits them better. (At least I hope they don't change their name once the team in New Jersey moves to Brooklyn)

If I were commissioner of the NBA...

I would pull the NBA teams out of Canada, moving the teams in Vancouver and Toronto to Anaheim, California, and somewhere else. How about a team in Oklahoma? I think they deserve a team. I would keep the NBA within the confines of the United States. Ok It didn't happen like that exactly. There is still a team in Toronto, but Vancouver moved out and is now in Memphis, but he did correctly predict that there would be an NBA team in Oklahoma just not the Grizzlies like he thought. Close enough. Sorry all you Canadian fans I guess Frank Layden doesn't like the team in Canada. Don't worry I don't mind it. I'd keep them their as long as they promise to stop their long lasting love affair with international players, no I'm just kidding hahaha.

If I were commissioner of the NBA...

I would make some rule changes. I would widen the free throw lanes, and I would cut the 24-second clock down to 18 seconds to see if we could get some more shots and more fast-break basket ball. I would take John Wooden's advice and make the dunk count for one point. I also would add an additional line outside the three-point line and create a four- or five-point field goal. And if I were commissioner, I think I would probably allow goaltending, because I think we're the only game in the world in which we don't make every effort to stop every opportunity to score. An 18 second shot clock, one point for a dunk and a four or a five point field line beyond the three-point line. That would mean higher scoring games. Does that mean that we would soon have a Four or Five point Shooting Contest at the allstar break instead of the 3 point shooting contest that they have now? hmm. Oh and you would also allow goalatteding, finally the NBA is like the international leagues.

If I were commissioner of the NBA...

Instead of having a women's league, what I would do is add two women to every existing NBA team. Whenever one coach substituted a woman, the other coach would have to put in a woman. Maybe there would be designated quarters in which we'd have women in the games. Ok now that's just wierd having women play alongside men. I like the WNBA a lot better than that idea.

If I were commissioner of the NBA...

I would seek to have somebody at my side who was not only entertaining but would also be somebody who was really creative in the game of basketball, and I would willingly take that person's advice. Now, the only person I can think of who would be available to do that would be myself, and I think that I could be bought. If the commissioner saw fit to raise enough money to pay me, I would be willing to move to Greenwich, Connecticut, and ride down to New York City with him every day, and we could discuss the problems of the league. Now isn't that something that we need now. Maybe that would help solve all the lockout problems that we are now having!

If I were commissioner of the NBA...

I would create one division in California alone. I think it would be nice to say, "Well, tomorrow we have to play in San Jose, and the next day we have a game in Santa Barbara." And I think everybody would want to play on the West Coast in that California division, and I think that would be a lot of fun. It would make travel a lot easier.

If I were commissioner of the NBA...

I would envision the NBA having a training camp very much like spring training in baseball, which would cut down on a lot of our expenses. All the teams would go to one place —a warm weather place, like Florida or Arizona — and all the teams would practice against one another. It would be good for the fans, because they could go to one place and see all the teams. I think it would be good for training our players and good for the cities where we held the spring training. We'd practice against one another and watch each other.

I think that all of these ideas should certainly be considered even though I'm not the commissioner and I never will be the commissioner. I also know none of them will ever be implemented — because they make too much sense.

He has some pretty interesting ideas. Some I don't particularly like, others I do. He was correct on the two additional teams in Brooklyn and OKC so maybe the rule changes will soon be added in as well. I wouldn't mind having those rule changes at all, I just don't like his idea of women playing alongside men. I like the WNBA a lot better. Just an interesting article that I found that I thought you guys would have a fun time reading instead of hearing about the boring never-ending lockout.

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No goaltending... thats

No goaltending... thats absurd! Players could just wait till the shot got really close to the rim and hit it out. You would see so much out of control, fast paced, crazy basketball because they are trying to beat the other team down the court. That is an atrocious idea

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^ thats what im saying. Also

^ thats what im saying. Also making a dunk only worth one point everyone would just lay it up making the game much less spectacular.

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"I would take John Wooden's

"I would take John Wooden's advice and make the dunk count for one point"

I respect Coach Wooden and everything, but.....c'mon guy. A dunk for 1 point? Why would that even pass through your mind? Sounds like something you keep to yourself

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I'm glad this guy is not

I'm glad this guy is not commissioner.... he would be the first head of a sports league to be assassinated. His changes are "interesting" and all, but it would change basketball so drastically it just wouldn't be basketball anymore....

Goaltending would ruin basketball entirely... Javale McGee would average like 25 blocks a game at least which is frickin ridiculous.

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Frank Layden is from

Frank Layden is from Brooklyn, and would call a team from Brooklyn the basket cases. After reading his ideas, I can tell he is part of that number.

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