If I were

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If I were

Mike Brown, I would be more worried if I still have a job tomorrow rather than my team going 0-3. Win will eventually happen but right now Brown and Eddie Jordan's system is a mess in this teams core. Listen, if you have a 2 time mvp point guard, a hall of famer SG, and a dominant center. I don't think there's really a need to complicate their offense. This whole Princeton offense is not good so far.

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neither did wade compliment

neither did wade compliment lebron...

and spo was a terrible coach... now he gets some COY consideration

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neg me but idc... this team

neg me but idc... this team needs phil Jackson if hes willing to come back

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I'm sure 90% of the teams in

I'm sure 90% of the teams in the league need/want Phil Jackson.

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Mike Brown is a horrible

Mike Brown is a horrible coach, but I think this is more that the players need a little time to Gel together. It doesn't help either that Steve Nash is 38, Kobe is 35, Ron Artest doesn't impact the game on either end, Dwight is still recovering.

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